The Witch of Ripplebrook and The Midden-Heap

Deep in the Carrodale Forest, there lies a small gnomish and pixie settlement called Ripplebrook. Once thought to be part of the Feywild, Ripplebrook slipped into Vostror around 100 years ago. The gnomes and the pixies trade with the elves of Mistbranch and over the years, an easy, pleasant accord has been reached.

Ripplebrook has no formal government or mayor, the gnomes and pixies either rule by concensus or live their own care-free lives. They often talk about the Witch of Ripplebrook, a beautiful and caring woman who protects the town. She appeared not long after the town slipped into the world, and appears infrequently to watch over the town.

Unfortunately, Ripplebrook is not far from the Midden-Heap, a refuse dump used by the goblin tribes that live deep in the forest. The Midden-Heap is guarded by the twisted and evil Treant that the goblins call Snapbranch. The treant has a taste for fey flesh and sends goblins to raid Ripplebrook to collect his meals.

The Witch has fought Snapbranch on three occasions, and each time the treant has survived. Their battles are a fury of arcane magic and primal screams that shake the surrounding woodland with fury.

The elven ranger Davkas Darksbane has encountered Snapbranch twice in his life, and both times he barely escaped with his life. More than the Amnedrag or The Tricksy, Snapbranch is a threat to the Carrodale Forest that will one day have to be addressed.

The Witch of Ripplebrook and The Midden-Heap

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