Kingdom of Thun


The southernmost civilised region of The Ashen Coast, the Kingdom of Thun is reestablishing itself in the wake of recent independence from the Empire of Rialto. It’s chivalrous and noble people have found themselves in uncertain times; the fledgling kingdom needs trade to prosper and the recent pirate activity has caused a great deal of concern.

Geography of the Kingdom

Thun is bordered by the Duchy of Warrenchester to the north and the Stonefang Plains to the south.

The Kingdom is dominated by the great The Gulf of Shattered Leviathans that runs down its centre. The rest is largely dominated by the various rivers that lead into that famous gulf. Politically, the most significant is the River Darro that leads to the west and forms the major trade-route with the City of Warrenchester.

Kingdom of Thun

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