The Unbroken Wave

A shining suite of plate armour, once worn by the paladin, Adahm, in a long lost age.




This suit of plate, which once adorned the legendary paladin, Adahm, has a slight blue sheen and rather than ‘clanking’, each step is a wave breaking quietly breaking upon the shore. It is of unknown construction and enchantment and it certainly pre-dates even the Empire of Nerath.

It grants the bearer the ability to crash like a wave upon his foes, smashing into them with the indomitable force of the ocean as well as the rarer ability to transform into water, for a time, flowing between cracks or fissures and escaping any bonds.

However, it’s powers are draining upon the user and tiring to use. Only those with a particularly strong constitution or strength of will can stand to lose themselves to the sea for any length of time.

The Unbroken Wave

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