Snapbranch, Lord of the Midden-Heap

A festering, lumbering treant. The smell of rotting meat preceeds his arrival.


It’s impossible to tell what kind of tree Snapbranch is. He is covered in mould, filth and decaying meat. His bark is a dark black colour, his teeth bone-white with flecks of yellow and his eyes burn with a fury unbridled in the whole forest.

He stands around 20 feet tall, with swaying, lumbering branches that hide a swiftness and terrible brutality.

He is served by goblins and sentient slimes, moulds and other creatures of filth. An obese Otyugh named Carcass serves as a guard to the Midden-Heap. The creature devours unwary goblins who get too close.


No one quite knows where Snapbranch came from. He appeared in the forest over 300 years ago, but was considered a nuisance. It is only in the last century he has gained his infamy. 20 years ago he declared himself Lord of the Midden-Heap and no one, goblin or elf, was able to challenge him.

He has subjugated two goblin tribes, the sly Mouldchewers and the more war-like Necksnappers, and he rules them with an iron fist. He has attemtped to destroy the gnomish/pixie settlement of Ripplbrook three times, and each time was defeated by the Witch.

His biggest success was sending Erghut Necksnapper and his clan against Belath Revar, which resulted in the death of Davendithas Darksbane, the Baron of Mistbranch. The treant makes no secret of the fact he wants the elven town destroyed. It’s feared that if he conquers Belath Revar, he’ll be free to take over Ripplebrook, and from there perhaps the entire Carrodale forest.

Snapbranch, Lord of the Midden-Heap

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