Voyages Beyond

Entry # 23 The Continuing Journey

The arrogance of Magi will never cease to amaze me. We stand before the breached barrier, preparing to search Orlouge’s master’s office. As we take a step closer 6 metalic objects appear out of nowhere, three snaked and three arbalesters. Unwisely, in my opinion, Gedserth attacks from afar before I have a chance to draw their fire, no matter as I am able to swiftly enter the fray, distracting the snakes.

The battle is fierce but with teamwork we are able to pull through, rending the constructs with our weapons and magic. As Gedserth and Orlouge check the papers on his desks Davkas, Salix and I check the wooden chest in the side of the room. Unable to unlock it I use my axe to break open the lock, irrevocably damaging the rare fey wood in the process.

Inside we find a leather harness and 290gold pieces worth of coinage and gems. Upon finding a note written by his master Orlouge becomes suddenly hostile. I am unsure what has him so riled, but I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of leaving him here.

As the others argue, Davkas and I decide to leave, and are met by the head of the town, who enquires after Orlouge. He has with him a young woman who appears to be very fond of our young necromancer. As Orlouge takes her inside, Davkas and I return to the boat with Gedserth. Our privateer is concerned about the listing, but believes that we will make it safely to Arrowmere.

We reach port after a rather uncomfortable five days at sea, and decide to leave the boat in deeper water, instead of trying to sail her into port. On land we split up, Salix shopping, Davkas visiting the Paladins, Gedserth selling the boat while I seek information from my friend Gran.

Despite my concerns that Derrak Stoutbrew may be involved with the trafficing of Ghouls, Gran believes him to be an honourable dwarf but a ruthless businessmen (a fact he believes is a contradiction.) Upon returning Davkas informs us that we will be reciving a reward from the Paladins and Gedserth is offered only 340gp for the boat, we decide to wait for a better offer.

In our absence, it appears Tarsis has been put in charge of defending Gelfar, a situation that will have to be rectified as soon as is humanly possible. Deciding we must ride to Gelfar with all due haste we wait for our payments, 340gp from the Paladins and 590gp from the sale of our ship.

We ride at first light, pushing our horses hard for half a day before being waylaid by shifters riding large sabrecats. To our protests they demand to take us to their camp and put us on trial for our mistaken involvement with the undead. To my disdain Salix convinces us that we must honour their wishes and travel for trial. I only hope it does not take us too far off course.

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.



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