Voyages Beyond

Entry # 28; Bindings and Endings

A minor scuffle with the ghosts ensued. It was nowhere near as serious as I anticipated, but still, it was a warm up for the main event. Salix did his magic on the High Priestess, and she was eternally grateful for our help. After her monologues on the evils of adventurers, we persuaded her to look after the other leaders as we took on Vikair.

The Vizier Devil was in the stone serpent, which was beginning to shine with a pink glow, going from tail to mouth. We rallied and prepared to go in. As we were discussing, Orlouge went inside. He later told me that he tried to trick Vikair into thinking he worked for him, but it the devil saw through his lies.

Vikair attacked with some ghosts, and we heard the shouting. Salix and I got to the battle first, followed by Gedserth and Ruskael. In the room was a huge statue of Mammon, Archdevil of Greed. Vikair had some sort of blasphemous ritual set up inside, channeling mystical energies to forcefully convert the town elders.

Orlouge was already trying to disrupt the ritual, attempting to turn over a brazier filled with burning pink crystals. The fight was long and arduous. Gedserth was chased back up the spiral staircase that lead us into the chamber, whilst at one point, only Orlouge and I were standing. We hid behind the statue of Mammon. There, we concocted a plan. Calling on the blessings of Carriellana and the arcane magics Orlouge wields, we created a binding spell around one of my arrows. If the arrow hit Vikair, he would be bound to the statue for eternity; much better than the year and a day if we slew him. It was a delicate task, and as Orlouge had cast his final spell on the arrow, a ghost attacked him and he fell. I used the power of the Amulet of Passage and teleported away, hiding and biding my time to strike.

Gedserth came back to the chamber, having destroyed the ghost that was attacking him. All he could see was the rest of our party collapsed, my hiding place secure enough that he couldn’t see me. He bellowed out a challenge to the devil, and this roused our allies.

As they stood and distracted Vikair, I loosed my arrow. It struck the devil in its black heart, and the holy energies of my goddess and the dark magics of Orlouge pulled the devil into the statue, he screamed as he went, but it was in vain. When the devil was trapped, the ghosts stopped attacking. They explained Vikair was controlling them and they vowed to stand guard over the statue to prevent anyone from releasing the devil ever again.

Salix was concerned with the pink crystals, which he and Orlouge destroyed with magics. Although victorious, the battle seems to have weighed heavily on our necromancer; His hair is the same shade of pink as the crystals and his mouth now constantly drips water.

We returned to the surface to see the High Priestess rallying the townsfolk. The mayor was there, and he promised us a reward. All well and good, I feel.

We took the two ships back to Gelfar, and we are taking a well deserved rest at the Troll’s Tooth. I have Tabitha at my side, and for now, at least, everything is calm.



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