Voyages Beyond

Entry #27: Into the Mists

Having got to the bottom of the Undead Shipping conspiracy, the party discovered that it’s architect, the devil Vikair, has travelled to Cutter’s Isle with the nobles and rules of Gelfar, intent on converting them to the Cult of Mammon – Lord of Greed.
After Ronson is able to mysteriously find a vessel able to take the party, they find themselves deep within the thick mists of the island. Whatever is occurring there, they soon decide it isn’t natural. Thanks to Orlouge’s near encyclopaedic knowledge of the island, they find their way to a mysterious serpent statue and a small town made of rotting ship hulls. Sneaking in, they managed to release one council member, Medley Shortgrass from his drug induced stupor whilst avoiding the gazes of ghostly sailors. As Medley returns to their position with the drugged High-Priestess of Vadomer however, the party are spotted by a ghostly patrol!



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