The Living Wild

We are The Living Wild;
We are that which perseveres;
We are that which is reborn;
We are that which heals;
We are The Living Wild;
We are only the first.

On The Birth of The Living Wild

Without the attention of the hand of Man, the wild places of the world find their own governance; the Hierarchies of The Wild are much faceted and beyond the ken of Mortals, cutting their own equilibrium between light and dark, growth and decay.
The hand of Man however can run rampant across the wild places, carrying in it the strange light of the Arcane with avaricious intent. The Hierarchies of The Wild Places are more than resilient in the face of Man’s deeds, even as empowered by the Arcane, in the face of corruption, the wild has no recourse but to become corrupt to survive.

When the corrupting influence of the unmortal magus Johtu came to an end, and the Fuchsia Mountain’s veins withered along their path, the Hierarchies of The Wild reasserted their influence in full, and encompassed in their resurgence the strange ecologies that came of the Fuchsia Mountain.

Birthed from a womb formed from corruption Arcane, and quickened by the grace of resurgent Primal, The Living Wild exist as expression of the Hierarchies of The Wild growing strength after the long sickness of the Fuchsia Mountain, they are living intent that The Wild will reclaim that which was once twisted by the Arcane, and that it will grow to encompass the strange ecologies of the Fuchsia Mountain.


Voyages Beyond Lezta