Perhaps unfairly, perhaps not, the tieflings are widely feared on the Ashen Coast. The ancient empire of Bael Turath is the stuff of many legends and none of them are pleasant.

However, a few tiefling bloodlines exist on the coast, most found within the southern Kingdom of Thun. Elsewhere a tiefling arrival is considered an ill omen and they are often driven out of town. Those that manage to stay, however, are frequently found to be of good character ill-befitting their devilish reputation and visage.

Just enough, however, live up to their reputation and thus the superstitions regarding this race are perpetuated.

IT has recently been revealed that Tieflings also come from the Shecalde Desert, a land far far far to the SouthEast of the Ashen coast. It is know that at least one or two Tieflings from there have made their home on the Ashen Coast, notably in the town of Gelfar.


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