The Vycarian Spires

Cresting the top of the Ashen Coast, the Vycarian Spires extend east for hundreds of miles. Starting at the coast of The Great Ocean the gigantic spires thrust east, beyond the borders of the Ashen Coast far inland, separating the realms of Juskharia and Aral.

On the Ashen Coast, the Vycarian Spires separate the Duchy of Arromere from the country of Zolainia to the north. Passage over the spires can take many months due to their size and the difficulty in traversing the treacherous mountain passes, resulting in very little trade and communication between the two states.

As well as acting as a natural barrier, the Vycarian Spires hold the expansive Thanedom of Isminak deep within their rocky shells, protecting the dwarven people from the various terrors that have plagued the area such as the evil Empire of Turin, the red dragon Fuegalyr and the frost titan Shattradin.

As well as holding the Thanedom deep within the mountains, the surface of the spires are home to many dwarven outposts, quarries and mining complexes, which are heavily guarded due to the presence of Fuegalyr.

The Vycarian Spires

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