The Troll's Tooth Inn


Named for the enormous troll fang that hangs above the door and serves as a sign. The tooth itself is said to come from the great fell-troll Grumfudder, who hundreds of years ago lead a small army of trolls from the Usmarsh which was defeated by adventurers, the names of which are lost to time. Nevertheless, the inn is famed for it’s adventuring connections and has long served as a resting place and commune for adventurers of all shapes and sizes.

The current proprietor is a tiefling named Standora Threft. The inn had become very run-down in recent years and she has restored it admirably.


The exterior appearance of the Troll’s Tooth is that of a building that has been rebuilt and modified countless times over hundreds of years. With careful examination one can notice areas of masonry and architecture that point to various styles. The oldest part of the structure is it’s great circular wall that marks it’s westernmost side. Only the lowest few metres are said to be original, and it has been speculated that the building was once a great tower. Many adventurers upon hearing this fact explain that it, obviously, must once have been a tower belonging to a local wizard. Historians would, of course, laugh at this inexperienced assumption; the recent (well, recent for wizards) trend towards towers and spires only began in the last age. Before then, the majority of wizards much preferred to keep their feet close to the ground. Their practise was more than dangerous enough, without adding a potential fall covered in bricks and mortar to the mix!

The eastern side is much newer, last rebuilt perhaps only a hundred years ago, and it is here that the great Tooth is raised above a heavy oaken door, which is much older to look at it than the wall it resides in.

The great oaken door opens up into a common room packed full of adventurers trophies and nicknacks. Some are clearly old indeed; a rusted shield emblazoned with a strange fluidic beast, giving the impression of it being almost, instead, a wave crashing upon some unknown shore; a small skull, almost like that of a gnome, only with huge saucer like eye-sockets that someone, in times past, felt fit to place a gem or stone with an enchantment of light cast upon it inside, so that it casts an eerie light on the room, casting peculiar and unnaturally long shadows; a tattered dull brown cloak, almost unremarkable until one realises it hangs directly into the fire with no ill effect; the paw of some strange reptilian beast, with one over-large and terrible claw that, when a wind blows through the oft open windows, clicks and clacks against the stone mantelpiece it resides upon; and a small glass orb, mounted on a modest brass frame, that someone has placed an intricately carved sculpture of a village inside, which, if one were to examine it more closely, is complete with impossibly detailed sculpted villagers, going about their lives, like someone had captured this moment in time and space and placed it in the orb for safe keeping. There are more items besides. More than could possibly be catalogued here.

In the midst of this jumble of strange items are simple, sturdy, wooden chairs and tables. A well, if not exotically, stocked bar stands against the far wall, with a door leading to the kitchens and Threft’s private rooms behind. There is one further door, which leads to the stairs that take you up to the well kept and comfortable, but far from extravagant, lodgings and the private common room that takes up much of the older western side, that for many years went unused until a group of adventurers began renting it out from Threft for their own use.

The Troll's Tooth Inn

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