The Empire and the Coast

Fortunately for the Coast, the Empire of Turin had only a short hold on the region, compared to other regions annexed. It was not until 1323 that the Coast began to feel the tendrils of the Empire and it took five years of warfare in Thun before the region finally fell. Six years later the Empire had collapsed.

The appointed Governor, Tyrmund, was a cruel and self-centred man. He was keen to defile and destroy major temples, such as the Great Temple of the Prophet Aquiel in Gelfar. However, his march north was a slow and steady one and Arromere did not fall until 1332, two years before the Empires end. The dwarves of Isminak had just begun to prepare for war when the news spread that the Empire had been ended by Rialto.

However, it would be wrong to belittle in any way the suffering the Coast endured at the hands of its cruel Governor. Unlike some of his brothers who viewed the dark Gods as a means to an end Tyrmund was fanatical in his devotion. He was keen to find sacrifices to send to Bloodstone City at all times and would find the smallest excuse to find a man or woman worthy of this dubious honour.

Perhaps the most grave example of his depravity was desecration of Dol Himak. The once beautiful and ancient elven temple to Sheveera was turned into a place of foul and despicable experimentation. Priests of Brath, Toovik and Vundrica were given the right to take any they chose from the towns and cities nearby and perform any experiment they desired. In short order the woods and hills around became populated by increasing numbers of these experiments. Disease spread like wildfire through the towns and even Tyrmund quickly realised he was going to have to do something to prevent these strange beasts, undead and diseases spreading to his more civilised areas – particularly the city of Thunaar. He ordered the construction of a great, magically warded, wall. Most of the evil wizards and clerics opted to stay behind the barrier and rule over their creation.

The Empire and the Coast

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