Thanedom of Isminak


Hidden behind the stone doors of Valgan’s Passage and below the towering Vycarian Spires the Thanedom of Isminak has stood as a centre for dwarven civilisation in the region for thousands of years. Easily as large as the Duchies of Arromere and Warrenchester combined, until recently the majority of those living on The Ashen Coast presumed that Isminak was purely the name of a city.

The thanedom is ruled by the High Thane Kevaver Runehouse, from his golden throne in the Marble Citadel to the west of the City of Isminak. Although a kingdom in its own right the thanedom swears fealty to the Duchy of Arromere.

Until 50 years ago Valgan’s Passage had been tightly sealed for 75 years due to the dangers the evil Empire of Turin and their plan to use the passages and caverns of the thanedom to launch attacks north of the Ashen Coast.

Speleology of the Thanedom

The Thanedom of Isminak is almost entirely contained within the shell of the Vycarian Spires, extending from the doors of Valgan’s Passage in the west all the way to the Mines of Arkendure in the east and the Sons Gate near the country of Zolainia in the north.

The Thanedom is comprised of several dozen naturally occurring solutional caves, as well as many smaller caverns hewn from the rock by the dwarven people. Each cavern is connected to others by a series of tunnels, some of which are the natural result of krast springs, such as that carved by the passage of the forge water on its journey through the thanedom, whereas others have been hewn.

Many of the caverns are home to stalagmites and stalactites which can form the basis for the grand dwarven citadels within each cave, such as the four thick columns that form anchoring points of the Marble Citadel. Three large subterranean lakes provide water for the thanedom the well of fate, lake of destiny and luck’s spring.

Important Clans of the Thanedom

Thanedom of Isminak

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