The following are the major gods of the world of Vostror. Listed domains correspond with the respective domains from the sourcebook ‘Divine Power’. For more detailed information, where available, please check the individual god’s page.

Many other minor deities exist, such as Urnobli, god of animals and Gruumsh, god of orcs. Additionaly, some powerful demons and devils such as Orcus and Mammon are worshipped as gods.

The Core Pantheon

Name Spheres of Influence Domains Alignment
Vostranov Leadership, The Five Elements Civilisation, Creation, Strength Lawful Good
Leandel Healing, Life and the Living Life, Love, Protection Good
Derne War and Law War, Justice, Protection Lawful Good
Sorath Sun, Light and Truth Sun, Justice, Hope Good
Vadomer Rivers, Seas and Water Life, Sea Good
Nalfarin Agriculture and Forests Life, Earth, Wilderness Lawful Good
Staryl Stars, Atmosphere, Birds, Wisdom and Prophecy Knowledge, Fate Lawful Good
Jarnilla Trade, Commerce and Cooperation Civilisation, Skill Lawful Good
Keyestra Beauty, Purity and Freedom Hope, Freedom, Love Good
Lorrastro Magic Arcana, Skill Unaligned
Kestrina Luck and Destiny Luck, Change Unaligned
Torvanik Chance, Chaos and Trickery Freedom, Luck, Trickery Unaligned
Sheveera Fate, the Weather and the Seasons Sun, Winter, Fate and Change Unaligned
Domoluk Earth, Mining and Secrets Earth, Knowledge, Skill Unaligned
Anthorde Furnaces, Flame and Innovation Creation, Skill Unaligned
Carriellana Air, Music, Travel and the Lost Freedom, Hope, Skill Unaligned
Fearanda Funerals, Gateways, the Feywild and the Shadowfell Death, Darkness, Wilderness Unaligned
Brath Unnatural Death and Disaster Undeath, Destruction Chaotic Evil
Kostro War, Violence, Vanity, Pride and Tyranny War, Tyranny, Torment Evil
Bruta Pain, Torture, Suffering and Opression Torment, Tyranny Chaotic Evil
Toovik Darkness and Disease Darkness, Poison Chaotic Evil
Nycho Storms, Dangerous Waters, Turmoil, Fury Storms, Strife, Sea Chaotic Evil
Vundrica Lust, Defiling, Extreme Hedonism Love, Torment Evil
Zalese Deception, Contraversy and Conflict Trickery, Change Chaotic Evil
Lyfra Envy, Greed and Wealth Strife, Skill Evil
Pyeldra Vengeance, Strife, Evil Fates Vengeance, Strife, Fate Evil

Minor Deities and Worshipped Beings

Name Spheres of Influence Origin Alignment
Urnobli Animals God Unaligned
Gruumsh Orcs, Destruction, Slaughter and Pillage God Chaotic Evil
Orcus Undeath Demon Chaotic Evil
Mammon Lust and Avarice Devil Evil


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