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Named for the strange ash grey sand that makes up much of the beaches and dusts the cliffs of the region. The coast is but one part of a land that once comprised a evil and villanous Empire and although it’s dark past is now well within the annals of history, relics of that time can still be found throughout the coast and it’s culture.

The region stretches from the mountainous Duchy of Arromere to the north, home to Valgan’s Passage and the Thanedom of Isminak, down into the enchanted highlands and woods of the Duchy of Warrenchester before ending in the great lowland Kingdom of Thun. To the very south are the wilds of the Stonefang Plains, where various orc and other monstrous tribal and nomadic communities lie. Finally to the southeast, although never formally considered either part of the Empire or the Ashen Coast, lies the Carrodale Forest. There it is known several elven communities are within and tales tell of mystical portals to the Feywild. Indeed, legends speak of a great eladrin city that appears within the forest at certain times of the year, although most scholars consider these tales to be merely the fancy of over enthusiastic storytellers and bards with little basis in reality.

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