Hammercrag Fell

The Hammercrag Fell is an 80 mile mountain range south-west of the expansive Vycarian Spires. The mountains were given their common name four-centuries ago by the famed goliath war-lord Ko-Lan. It was during expeditions by the dwarven runesmith Godrik Hammercrag that the fell, and it’s rich veins of gold and silver, were discovered. As the dwarves began to build their shafts to excavate the precious metals an envoy of goliaths were sent to parlay with the dwarves.

Hammercrag, frustrated at the goliaths’ and their ignorance, sent the envoy away, but not before vowing to keep the mine open. Infuriated by their lack of respect Ko-Lan sent his son Kavran to speak with, and if necessary remove, the dwarven expedition. Kavran’s body was sent back three days later, a multitude of axe and hammer wounds covering his broken body, and mad with grief Ko-Lan ordered a full scale assault on the mine.

The battle between Ko-Lan and Hammercrag’s forces lasted 72hours and at the end all bar one of the dwarves lay dead on the stony floor, the body of Hammercrag laying at Ko-Lan’s feet, split in two by the goliath’s massive axe. The surviving dwarf was sent back to Isminak to warn the Thane and deliver a message, that the land of the goliath belonged to them, and no other.

Until 75 years ago the fell remained the home of the goliaths. However, a war with an invading frost titan named Shattradin drove them out of their homeland and into the Klavaki Highlands where they have made their home ever since.

Since Shattradin’s incursion, the Fell has been beset by a near permanent winter and the entire area is covered in a shining coating of whitest snow.

Hammercrag Fell

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