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A large port town, home to one of the major temples in the area – the Great Temple of the Prophet Aquiel – a major temple of the God Vadomer.

One of the most important towns on the Ashen Coast, situated about 40 miles north of the Clawed Wood, Gelfar serves as the mouth of the trade routes in the Duchy of Warrenchester. It has found that trade has been hit particularly hard by pirates in recent years and as a result, dwarven trade coming in from the north is booming and many fear for the long-term prosperity of the town.

Population: Approximately 3,500; mostly human. There is a sizeable population of dwarves in the town, which has seen a surge within the last couple of years. There are also respectable populations of halflings and elves. Other races are rare, but most are not completely unheard of.

Government: The town is part of the Duchy of Warrenchester and officially answers to Duke Tarsis in matters of State. However, for the majority of issues the local mayoral council; lead by Mayor Lucan and comprising of several elected figures representing a variety of interests, both racial and commercial; suffices.

Defence: A standing guard of 150 soldiers. The mayoral council can vote to enlist up to 400 militia in times of dire need.

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