Hidden deep within the rock of The Vycarian Spires, the dwarves of The Ashen Coast toil within the cavernous Thanedom of Isminak. From their citadels of stone and metal this ancient race delves deep to mine and quarry precious metals and stones to carve and smith into wondrous items and tools.

The dwarves of Isminak follow many paths, most notably the ways of the warrior, the artisan and the priest. They are a proud and stubborn people, having thrown off the chains of their giant captors almost a full half-century before the majority of dwarven-kind, and it is often rumoured that the Ashen Rebellion was the catalyst for the much wider rebellions. Like all dwarves they share a deep sense of honour and of duty, as well as an uncanny ability to hold a grudge over thousands of years.

The warrior castes are known for being fiercely loyal, and protective, towards their friends, as well as their clans and holds. They are stalwart defenders and leaders, and a death protecting others is one of the most honourable a warrior dwarf can aspire to.

Although many believe that all dwarves are warriors, the other castes are just as prevalent within Isminak, and equally as revered. Whereas those of the warrior caste will often submit themselves fully to their physical training, the artisans and clerics give themselves fully to their trade, leading to dwarven-kind being revered as some of the best artisans, and most spiritual of all races.

The majority of dwarves within the region learn the human ‘common’ tongue as well as the older, and far more guttural dwarven language. Many others have been known to learn elven in an attempt to aid trade with the fair race; it is however near unheard of for any dwarf to learn the giant’s tongue. Where this was once due to the ancient grudge against titan and giant-kin, most recently it is due to the animosity between the dwarven people and the goliaths caused by the events of Hammercrag Fell

The current High Thane of Isminak is Kevaver Runehouse, who has ruled from the throne room of the Marble Citadel for two and a quarter centuries.


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