Duchy of Warrenchester


To many on the coast, the Duchy of Warrenchester is known as ‘The Land of the Dead’. This ominous and sombre name has connotations with Brath, that, during the time of the Empire of Turin, were not entirely undeserved. However, the true origin of this title comes from the region’s annual Festival of Reawakening. During this time, the dead walk and even converse with the citizens of the duchy. Along with the presence of the Hooded Order the region has connections with Fearanda that goes back thousands of years.

The seat of power for the duchy is the city of Warrenchester. Here, Duke Conrad Tarsis rules and, in principle, he also rules the surrounding towns and villages. However, in practise, it is actually the various ruling councils, mayors and wealthy landowners that make the majority of local desisions.


The Duchy of Warrenchester stretches from the town of Tabram to the north, down to Irino in the south. Whilst not possessing the great mountains of the Duchy of Arromere to the north, the duchy is nevertheless still noted for it’s highlands and does possess a small mountain range, now known as The Enchanted Mountains, due to strange magical phenomena and creatures that have appeared there in recent years.

Another noteworthy terrain feature is the Tainted Marsh that extends roughly one-hundred miles north of the city of Warrenchester. The marsh has long been a special place for the primal community at Ushenge, although contamination from the magical mountains upriver have warped and changed much of the local flora and fauna. This has created no small amount of tension between Ushenge and the local arcane community.

Finally, although no-one in the duchy would dare lay claim to it, are the Klavaki Highlands that mark the northern border of the territory. It is there the goliaths make their home and rule. These strong, tribal people are treated with the utmost respect by the people of the Ashen Coast.

Important Places of the Duchy

The only city, and capital, of the duchy is Warrenchester. It is a fairly modest city, by the standards of the Empire, but it is nevertheless central to the politics of the region, albeit this is not the case geographically.

Perhaps the other most noteworthy town is that of Gelfar. Unlike the Duchy of Arromere to the north and the Principality of Thunaar to the south, the Duchy of Warrenchester has only one major town on the coast proper. The other settlements are small fishing towns and villages. Thus, a great deal of trade moves through the town. It is also notable for its great temple to the God, Vadomer.

To the north of Warrenchester, just east of the Tainted Marsh, lies an isolated Monastary. It is here the Hooded Order resides.

Lastly, it would be unjust to have a list of important settlements without mentioning Ushenge. For the last several hundred years, there has been a community at the henge on the hills to the west of Uswood. What began has a small circle of druids has grown into a significant settlement that lives the old ways in tune with the primal forces and spirits.

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