The Drow are the white-haired, dark-skinned cousins of the elves and eladrin, twisted and corrupted by the dark triplets Pyeldra, Lyfra and Zalese. The drow mainly live in the underground realms of the Underdark, but on rare occasions they have been known to travel to the surface on raiding parties, often looking for slaves.

The majority of drow are entirely evil, but on rare occasions some drow can break away from the hold of the triplets and work as a force for good.

The drow all belong to ‘Houses’ similar to dwarven clans which are ruled in a strictly matriarchal manner. The most infamous and cursed house (as far as the drow are concerned) is house Slithar, an entire house that broke away from the drow ruling structure.

The party first encountered Drow on the Feywilde island of Calon’talay.


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