Character Classes by Role

Because it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere easily accessible…

Leader Defender Striker Controller
Cleric Fighter Ranger Wizard
Warlord Paladin Rogue Seeker
Shaman Warden Warlock Druid
Ardent* Battlemind* Avenger Psion*
Runepriest Swordmage Barbarian Invoker
Artificer Knight (Fighter) Sorcerer Mage (Wizard)
Bard Cavalier (Paladin) Monk Hunter (Ranger)
Warpriest (Cleric) Assassin Binder (Warlock)
Sentinal (Druid) Thief (Rogue) Bladesinger (Wizard)
Slayer (Fighter)
Scout (Ranger)
Hexblade (Warlock)
Executioner (Assassin)
Blackguard (Paladin)*

Classes with parentheses are sub-classes of the indicated parent class. Though they are the same thematically, and share many mechanics, they’re distinct enough to warrant their own entry.

*- Psionic and ‘evil’ classes are restricted, although not outright banned. You are welcome to ask if you can play one, but it will require a fairly good concept and if the alignment is, in fact, ‘Evil’, I’m quite likely to just say ‘No’.

Character Classes by Role

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