Little is known of this place at the moment. Surely some intrepid adventurers will report back their findings on the place?

What this writer does know, is that Calon’talay is an island located just beyond the ‘Gate’ located in the middle of the ocean. It is the first piece of land to welcome travellers who breach the Gate and sail into the Feywilde.

The island is covered in deciduous forest which hides the interior from those who make landfall on its sandy beaches.

These forests are extremely warm and humid during the day, making travel hard for the average adventurer do endure. During the night, it can get extremely cold, further sapping the strength and resolve of many travellers.

It is now known that Drakes (a sort of mini-dragon such as Pseudodragons) and Xivorts (a type of Gnome) live in these woods.

Several days march, hacking through the undergrowth, will bring the entrepid adventurer to what looks like a barrier of extremely large and tall trees; some say it looks like a palisade. On getting over this barrier, a strange building can be descerned. It looks like it is in the act of blowing apart as if some sort of explosion took place inside, but has stopped part way through.

This is in fact, the domain of Lord Endethian of Calon’talay. Once inside, it seems that the building is totally intact. It is extremely beautiful and the walls and rooms are tastfully furnished and covered in art-works of various forms. The Lord himself, lives there.


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