Known as the ‘Painted City’, Arromere is a sight to behold. Its white-washed buildings, with their red-slate roofs which are built atop the silvered cliffs of the coast rise and fall like waves upon the hills. Overlooking them are the pearlescent white crests of Hammercrag Fell, plunged into its permanent winter.

Even in high summer the area around Arromere is beautiful and green, with the frequent rains caused by the unnaturally cold air from the east hitting the warm sea breeze giving birth to lush forests and picturesque meadows.

The principle occupation of the people of Arromere is artist, with many bards and sculpters congregating in the city to work in its beautiful surrounds. Many are philosophers too and many can be found outside the cities many taverns having a (often heated!) debate. The stark contrast between the hard people of the Duchy and its capital is often commented on by historians and scholars, not least those residing within the city!

Nonetheless, the city is not defenceless and it holds an extremely valuable strategic position, guarding the Duchy of Arromere and the only road into the north. Citadel Arro is not only the home to the Duke (formerly King, in the days before the Empire) of Arromere, but it is also a bastion of some of the finest warriors on the coast. Indeed, the legendary Order of the Most Pure Flame, Paladins of Sorath, make their home within the chapel there.


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