The Amnedrag is often spoken of in hushed tones. Elven for The Hated Oak, the Amnedrag is a black, twisted oak tree deep in Carrowdale Forest. It is unbelievably ancient, it would take six elves standing arms stretched to encircle it, and only has leaves in winter. It is the opposite to all the goodly trees of the forest, the leaves start forming early Autumn, and bud at the start of Winter, withering and dying come Spring. The leaves are a darkly purple in colour and are sought after by practioners of the shadowy arts as components for rituals, making into inks or brewing into poisons.

The history of the Hated Oak is hidden, the elves do not know its origin, though there are three main tales of how it came to pass;

The first is it is the gravestone of an ancient and cruel lord from the Feywild. Legends say his evil was so great, it tainted the land even after he died. His name is lost to time, however, and all that is left is the Hated Oak.

Others speak of the Maddened Maiden, a nymph of Spring who fell in love with a mortal. Legends say the Maiden started a ritual that would cause her to shed her immortality and sever her connection to her sacred oak. But as she finished the ritual, she had a vision of her lover betraying her. Bringing her lover to the tree, she sacrificed him in an effort to rebond with the oak, but the ritual was twisted and foul, perverting the Maiden and the tree and cursing the grove in which it stands.

The last legend of the Hated Oak says it has a powerful devil bound into the wood. The devil entered the tree willingly, for reasons of its own purpose, and waits until the right moment to leave the tree and wreak havoc on the world. Whispers of a hidden order of Druids in the woods who, on every solstice and equinox, cast binding rituals on the tree to keep the devil contained are spoken in a few taverns surrounding the forest.

Whatever the origin, the Oak stands, a blight in the otherwise green forest of Carrowdale.


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