Voyages Beyond

Entry #10: The Games of the Fair Folk
18th/19th Jorrin 1393

Preparations begin for the Eladrin’s feast, and our celebrations before the game tomorrow. We will each prepare in our own ways, I for one will spend the time preparing my armour, making sure that it is suitable for such an…auspicious endevour. I am unsure what many of the others will do to prepare, doubtless Davkas will spend time prettying himself up for his Lord.

While we prepare Ronson hears the sound of faint sobbing from ahead, and begins to follow it, finding it coming from behind a locked door. Unlocking it in ways that we will not question, Ronson finds inside a lavishly decorated boudoir, a small bed, vanity cabinet and a beautiful mirror. Once entering the room the sobbing stops and Ronson is unable to locate it again. After escaping from the room, who’s door locked behind him, he returns to meet with the rest of us.

As we sit down at the large Mithril table, opposite the Goblins of Captain Blackhand, the food for the banquet begins to float out to us. Many of the dishes are strange, the starter being a mixture of Cloaker Porridge (and while this is a nice starter it is not something I would consider to be real food, though Davkas seems to enjoy it emensley, which is not a surprise.)

The second course is far more enjoyable, a selection of strange vegetables, including something that looks like a carrot, tastes like a cabbage and is a deep purple in colour. The centrepiece of this course however is a while roast hippogriff. At this point the Minotaur and I begin to engage in an eating competition, and while the hippogriff is very filling and delicious, it appears that the Minotaur does not have the same stamina that I possess when it comes to eating and drinking (it must also be said that the mead in this Eladrin’s possession is equally fine) and I easily best him.

The desert is equaliy lavish and strange, clouds made of some substance Davkas calls Marshmallow that rain liquid chocolate, candied Drake testicles in a rich caramel sauce, an annimated diorhamma with live chocolate pygmies (a desert to which Salix appears most partial) and, to my surprise, the table (which Gedserth discovers is made of chocolate and covered in a thin layer of mithril foil.

It is during desert that we begin to discuss the race with Captain Blackhand, who is very sure of himself and confident of his team’s ability to win tomorrow’s game. I am not so sure that the little greenskin’s have what they take and am content to enjoy myself fully, though my companions appear to be limiting themselves in their indulgences, perhaps not as confident as I thought.

We are joined by Lord Endethian who explains the rules of the game and marks each team with a small band that cannot be removed, so that we are able to ensure the green skins will not cheat. I am somewhat concerned that the Lord does not wish to eat with us, I have heard tales of some Eladrin inviting their guests to dinner and then poisoning them, I only hope that Endethian is not such an Eladrin.

When the morning comes it is a surprise that I am not hung-over, having drunk many gallons of mead during the banquet. The Minotaur however is feeling somewhat more fragile and impatient. He believes that they should merely kill the Eladrin and take the amulet, a feat I would be interested to see him try, it would make for an entertaining distraction.

We are told that two paths lay open to us, one following a river and one high within the treetops. I would really rather take the river option but we are apparently taking the treetop option. As expected the treetop route is quite tough and I am concerned that the goblins may be making far more progress than we are.

As we journey we spot a group of Drow ahead of us, and while they begin to move towards us they do not appear to be hostile. Their livery looks to be of the House Slithar, a group that split away from the main drow civilisation many years ago. We decide to aid each other in our mutual endeavours, the Drow seek the crystal palace of Endethian, and an ancestral bow that apparently is inside. Thinking quickly on his feet Gedserth lies and points them in the incorrect direction, though they point us in the correct one to continue our quest. I do not feel right about lyying to them, though at the same time I would not feel quite right about pointing them in the right direction to kill our host, though I hope they do not become an enemy.

We continue onward and Salix notices a strange birdsong coming from the … … … apparently there was some sort of enchantment coming from a group of birds that we fled from, and it appears I may have fallen under this enchantment.

Davkas notices a note pinned to a tree, and a small group of gems appear on the ground, without speaking Davkas moves two of the gems and they disappear, the bastard, and a voice booms out over the treetops, “The Treasure you seek is not yet touched by water, but outside the forest.” From this we deduct that the treasure must be on the beach.

We discover a path down to the beach, though it is partially obscured by vines. Some creatures move within the foliage, possibly Xvarts but more likely the goblin hunting party. As we begin to push through the foliage the vines begin to grab us, and the goblins, hauling us into the air. After some apprehension it appears that the vines are part of a sentient plant, who calls himself Wisevine, he holds the next note but is unsure which party to give the note to. He asks us questions on the nature of our quest and why we wish the amulet.

Wisevine is certainly wise, he decides that the note, and a final puzzle, should be given to us. The puzzle was difficult, a set of numbered tiles that must be placed in the correct order. While it takes us some time we solve it with essential aid from Ronson.

The final clue reads “Seek the followers of the eye in the cave where the moonlight shines at midnight.” an odd riddle but possibly a cave on the beach. We walk for some time with Davkas pointing the way with his keen eyesight and eventually find the cave. While we wait outside Ronson sneaks in to see what we will be facing.

While Ronson examines the cave we are met by two strange Lobster men, who appear to be running from some sort of strange water elemental. We smash the elemental back into the water, aiding the lobster men, before readying ourselves to enter the cave and attack the Xvarts inside.

The battle is fierce and takes much time, but eventually we defeat the enemy and find a large chest full of much treasure. It appears that we have completed the Eladrin’s game ahead of the goblins, though there is still the concern of a goblin ambush.

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.

Entry #9; Xivorts, Goblins and Eladrin, oh my!
18th Jorrin 1393

We headed back to land and it was clear Blackhand and his crew had headed into the forest. With little time wasted, we headed deep into the treeline. But my, it is hot here in the Feywild. Salix is slacking. I thought he would be more resiliant, but alas, no.

We walk for a while, and I notice something is following us. Stalking, would be a better word. Drakes, in the bushes. We manage to scare them off. They hunt in packs, with a strong female as leader. But in this case, she was a clever girl and ordered her pack off.

We continued and found a cliff. It seemed steep, but after a few well placed arrows, we manage to climb it. As we contiune down the path, I hear noises again. This time, it wasn’t drakes, it was diminuative humanoids. Logically, I think it is goblins from the boat, but they speak Elven, which throws me a little.

I stop Ruskeal and he roars. Just roars, no “I think I best do this.”

It does nothing. The voices chitter. Gedserth entices them onto the path, with Ronson making a few biting comments. Xivorts. Twisted gnomish monstrosities from the Feywild’s… wild. They jitter about stealing our “shinies.” Salix attacks.

We make short work of them, except for Ruskeal, who is surrounded at one point. But we win out, eventually and head on.

Deeper, and hotter, the woods get. Soon we come to a crystaline structure that looks like it is frozen at the beginning of an explosion. Surrounding it are Blackhand’s crew.

We decend a hill and Gedserth talks our way into the building past a minotaur, who it seems is his first mate. After that, we bluff our way past two guards and enther the crystal building.

In here we meet an Eladrin lord named Endethian and the infamous Captain Blackhand. The captain says he is making a deal with Endethian, but we basically ignore the little oik. The eladrin seems interested in us as visitors, but has little time for Ruskeal.

We tell Endethian we are looking for the Amulet of Passage, but Blackhand pipes in that he was first. Endethian proposes a game. He will hide something on the island and 6 of Blackhand’s men and the six of us will hunt for it. The first to find it will win the knowledge of the location of the amulet.

We all agree, but I suspect treachery on Blackhand’s part. But the captain says he will abide by the Eladrin’s rules. After the agreement is made, Endethian proposes we eat together as a celebration. We are now about to sit down and enjoy our meal.

Entry #8: Breaching the Gate
12th Jorrin 1393

The next morning, our group splits.

Davkas and myself, now proudly wearing my newly adjusted Shimmering Leather Armour, stride off to speak with the Captain of the damaged Elven Dhow. His name is Arandor. I let Davkas use his barely adequate grasp of the Elven tongue, do all the talking (he needs the practice), while I support him menacingly and knowingly with intimidatory stares and postures.

According to Captain Arandor, it would take his dhow 4 days to get to the point in the ocean that we point out to him, on top of the time taken to complete the repairs on the ship. This he compared to the 12 days it would take the Human’s ship. He would charge a whole 150 golden sovereigns to transport us there. Davkas and I suspect that some exageration may be involved in the Captain’s facts and I look at Arandor even more intimidatingly than I have before. The two Elves complete their discussion and we formally take leave of each other.

While this is going on, Salix Alba stalks off to locate the whereabouts of the one and only pseudodragon in Gelfar town. He finds himself in the Council District where all the town’s nobs and notables reside. Using his ample olfactory powers, Salix finds the only dwelling that smells of something dragonesque, notably the stuff peudodragons leave behind after emptying their bowels and bladders.

We reunite in the common room of the Inn where we discus the information we have acquired that morning. Various plans are put forward, withdrawn and mulled over on how to get the pseudodragon teeth from the creature and how to sabotage the remaining ships allowing us unhindered progress to the Feywilde gate.

Having settled on a plan, Davkas the Elven Ranger and myself, Gedserth the Teifling Warlock (in case you had forgotten), make our way to the house of Mrs Gibbins, the owner of the unfortunate pseudodragon. Knocking on her door, we introduce ourselves and council workers and that we have come to enforce a new Council rule. We must, we explain, withdraw 4 teeth from the pseudodragon’s jaws. We continue our bluff by explaining that the reason for Alfonso’s (for that is the pseudodrgon’s name) donation is if the creature should escape his owner’s control, and he be found in the town or environs, the council will be able to identify who Alfonso belongs to. This would allow his return to Mrs Gibbins without any delay or dispute. Despite Mrs Gibbins’ pointing out that she has the only pseudodragon in town, we convince her to allow the dentistry to take place. Retiring to the library with a bottle of Mrs Gibbins’ brandy, Davkas performs the act required to acquire the 4 teeth and using his healing abilities on himself and the animal concludes the transaction.

In the mean-time, Ronson, the ex-pirate, disappears into town. We later learned that he had gone to meet an old acquaintence in the Misty Island Tavern, where he met up with someone called La’thorne. A pirate maybe? There he discussed some business with La’thorne and returned to our lodgings as Davkas and myself returned.

Davkas and I informed the party that we had managed to acquire the pseudodragon’s teeth and proudly showed them and Davkas’s wounds to the others. No-one was impressed. Ronson then loudly informed us that he had negociated passage for us to the Feywilde Gate in the ocean and that we are to pack immediately as the merchant ship will be leaving almost immediately.

After a bit of shopping, where one or two required items and potions were acquired, we found ourselved onboard the merchantman, sailing out of the port and into the wilde, restless ocean. Some members of the party, namely Gedserth, have never been onboard a sea-going vessel and find the whole experience rather sickening and disconcerting. 6 days later, we find ourselves at the point in the ocean where the ring of green algae indicates the location of the gateway to the Feywilde.

Davkas throws the now powdered pseudodragon’s teeth onto the shifting surface of the water and there ahead of us is Calon’talay. As the ship makes its way towards the island it is immediately accosted by shifting and changing winds that make it difficult for those without sea-legs to maintain a dignified posture.

While some of us scrabble about the deck of the heaving merchantman, we notice 3 dark winged shapes flying through the air towards the ship. Someone recognizes them as some sort of hippogryph and as they approach, Davkas loosens his ancestral bow at one of the creatures.

After a brief but violent altercation, where we see the creatures blink in and out of visibility, we prevail, killing the attackers.

The sailors get back to their positions after the fight and the ship makes its way towards the island again. We notice as we approach, that there is another, bigger and older ship moored by the island. It looks deserted but it can be seen that this is an old ship of the Evil Empire. Ronson, with his background, believes that this could be that evil goblin, Captain Blackhand’s ship.

Using our ship’s rowing boat, we approach and board the old ship. It looks deserted still. As Davkas and Ronson start searhing the deck, they are attacked by goblins hiding amongst the ropes, cases and barrels scattered around the deck. They also come under attack from goblins hiding in the crowsnest on the main mast.

Again, a full scale battle erupts as we take the fight to Blackhand’s hearties. Everyone is involved and apart from Adara who suffers some severe injuries, come away from the fight relatively unscathed. Adara is brought back to conciousness during the battle and is able to be present at the conclusion of the fight. We consign Blackhand’s dead crewmwn to the denizens of the deep and search the decks for anything of interest.

We are lucky enough to find a chest, which upon opening we find crammed with treasure: Gold, Silver, a gem and a thing called a phylactory which is tied to the wearer’s head. The coin is divided equally between us and the phylactory is claimed by Davkas, which we determine is a Phylactory of Divinity. This should aid Davkas in his healing abilities. The gem is momentarily put aside.

This concludes the latest instalment of our adventures.


Entry #7: Show me the way to Calon’talay
11th Jorrin 1393

Making camp in the wilderness, Our Heroes take a well earned rest after dealing with Cthonic Horrors, and Deceived Demi-Therianthropes. A mercifully uninterrupted night of rest is had by all.

All this is apart from Davkas Darksbane who, in the midst of his watch realised that his companions have been placed into a bewitched slumber and that ethereal singing is calling out to him from within the dark boughs of the night time forest. His ancestral bow at the ready the Resolute Ranger heads off into the foreboding forest to locate the singing’s source.

Upon return to the township of Gelfar, Our Heroes go to the task at hand in their own ways, Davkas Darksbane the Researching Ranger hurries to consult his charts for the location of the Calon’talay the Fey-wild island within the physical realm, briefly resurfacing from his charts the devious Davkas suggested that Our Heroes distributed scurrilous rumours about the location of the of Calon’talay to thwart the trying Tarsis in his pursuit of other’s hard work.

In the course of his pursuing a pint, Ronson McTabernackle the Previous Pirate has discovered the disposition of ships in Gelfar’s harbour. One is an Elven dhow, a fast ship but damaged by pillaging pirates and in dock for repairs; another is one of the Duke’s Corvettes being made ready for Tarsis; the third is a Human merchantman, the Anna’s Fortune owned by Martin Cynabron. While in his cups Ronson also disperses a great many falsehoods as to our destination.

In her search for the elusive island Angel Incarnate Adara, the Devoted Deva consults with the Vadomerian temple archives, with careful calculation she manages to ascertain the precise location of Calon’talay in the physical realm, though the records indicate that the island has been worn away by time and tide.

Within the library of The Gruddendolf Academy the Sorcerous Salix is for a time forestalled by the multitudinous manifestations of Man’s meta-categorisational instinct, in that in the mind of the arcane community a passage to the Fey-wild is not a portal, but a gate. This particular gate the occult reference reveals is marked in the ocean by a circle of algal green, that may be opened into the Fey-wild with the application of powdered Psudo-Dragon tooth. The Silent Salix made light with the telling tome.

Their errands finished Our Heroes set to return to their lodgings, on their way they are lured into a ally by the sounds of a scuffle and cries of distress from Trilda Stoutbrew, but this is a devious deception set by malfactorous mobsters of the Kenku clan. Angered by the deceit Our Heroes set about the crafty Kenku with great vigour, impressing upon them the folly of assaulting adventurers after-dark.

With their dupers dispatched Our Heroes set to interrogating their petrified prisoner, who’s name turns out to be sKuark.

sKuark the sorely misinformed mobster is largely loquacious in his testimony, he and his associates were sent to discover what Our Heroes know about the Amulet of Passage by their boss The Crowfather, leader of an influential crime family in the area.

During the interrogation sKuark reveals that there is a third party after the Amulet, a group of Goblin Pirates lead by a Captain Blackhand, from what sKuark has heard the pillaging pirates found their clues from the ruins of Fort Nunst.

In return for the the continued possession of his feathers, sKuark has been coerced by Our Heroes into sabotaging Tarsis’ ship.

Our Heroes attempt to get some rest…

…But just a few hours into their slumber Davkas Darksbane is awoken by a rapping upon is window, it is sKuark the cagey Kenku he has been sent by his mysterious master The Crowfather to deliver an invitation to meet with him to discus a business proposition. With some curiosity Our Heroes accept.

Through shadowed streets Our Heroes are lead by sKuark to The Old Bell-Tower, an eerie edifice with a haunted reputation. Taken within the tower, Our Heroes are brought before a large and well fed Kenku, who puts before them a tale of compassion for his darling daughter, and her love of art.

It would seem that in recent weeks the garrulous gossips of the town have spoken of little else but the arcane amulet and that his daughter has heard of the suddenly famous artefact’s beauty and wishes to paint it. Our Heroes determine to the best of their abilities this is his truthful intent, and the his daughter, Trix, certainly has the talent. Our Heroes agree that this would be a worthy thing and magnanimously concede to allow Trix one week’s access to the Amulet at the Troll’s Tooth Inn, and in the spirit of mutual cooperation The Crowfather has agreed to inconvenience Tarsis in his travel plans.

In parting The Crowfather has given Our Heroes a gift of one of his daughter’s pieces, a sculpture of a human woman.

Returning to the Troll’s Tooth Our Heroes finally manage to get some rest from their night’s activities, and rest they well need. For in the morning they have much that must be done to stay one step ahead of the troublesome Tarsis.

A ship must be chartered and paid for, and a method of opening the Fey-wild Gate must be secured, the only source of Psudo-Dragon teeth in Gelfar appears to be the pet of a woman in the wealthy quarter.

Will Our Heroes’ association with organised crime extend to some back ally dentistry, or can a more amicable arrangement be made? Find out, when you join us next time on.

Voyages Beyond!!!

Entry #6: Tentacles And Echoes Of The Past
9th Jorin, 1393

We awoke from our night’s rest and began to explore the area around the apparent temple again, pausing to collect some of the holy water. Salix went ahead and explored the two corridors which led off from the room containing the pool of holy water and the adjacent room.

The corridors lead to the same room, containing an old rusty lift. Between them Salix and Ruskeal manage to make the lift move down. At the bottom of the shaft are a set of large double doors. Opening the doors we find a room containing a fountain which glows blue.

Adham’s figure appears before us, once again super-imposed over the writhing mass of tentacles. He pleads with us to cleanse his spirit and free him from the tentacles, which of course we will do.

Whatever the creature is that uses his Adham’s spirit as a puppet seems to be able to attack our minds, I wonder if this is what has happened to Davkas, his behaviour seems to have been a little unusual while we have been in this caves, I shall have to keep an eye on him.

The creature’s attack seem to extend to preventing us from standing near our companions, it’s really quite tiresome, as we eventually defeat the creature regardless of its tricks and malign invasions of our minds.

Adham’s spirit, now free of the malevolant influence of the creature informs us that the item we seek is located at Calon’talay, within the Feywild, which can only be reached by sea. Adham tells us that he has lived out the same day over and over again for the centuries since he was killed.

He has offered us the armour of one of his men, Joseph, who fell while fighting in this cave. We will have to retrieve the armour from his buried remain, but we shall rebury it with respect once we have done so.

We perform a ritual to send on Adham’s soul to its rightful rest with his god.

After we have recovered the armour we leave the caves to find the encapment outside breaking up and the people packing up. It seems that the lying viper Tarsus was captured by shifters but somehow managed to talk his way out of it – as he often does – and managed to get their shaman to let him speak with the spirits in order to find out he location of the amulet as well.

We leave and make our way back to town, but on the way we are waylayed by a group of shifters who have apparently been misinformed by the damnable Tarsus that we were responsible for them being driven out of their home lands. After a brief fight, Davkas and Salix manage to convince the leader of the shifters that this is not the case, the leader recognizing that Salix is of the wild.

I have the feeling that, if I were in my prime form, Tarsus would not fare well.

Angel Incarnate in the service of Sorath.

Entry #5; Inevitable Betrayal at the Hands of my Comrades
8th Jorrin, 1393

This is not good. This is underground. And they’re all looking at me, I can see them doing it. I think from now on, I’ll stay at the rear, that way I can keep an eye on all of them. You can tell when they’re watching you, because that’s when their backs are turned. They watch with their ears, listening.

With the cave fishers dispatched, we headed deeper into the mine. Literally round the corner we found more fell taints. And mist, mist that lets me see places I know ought not to exist. Flesh towers, many layered seas of blood and water, the depths, those horrible, horrible depths.

I tell myself it’s due to being underground. Elves are not meant to be underground.

Where was I? Yes, the fell taints. They attack, we defend, we win. Though I suspect it may be a ploy, I feel that my companions may be in league with the evil creatures, plotting.

There’s a hole, in the ground. We decend. I’m last down the rope, but lose my grip. They greased it, I know they did.

Salix catches me. Good.

Around the corner.

Ghosts? Salix says memories.

Salix seems to know too much.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the ghosts say we look like gnolls. I use it to our advantage and stop them attacking. They move on to fight, but disappear when they leave the room. Interesting.

We contiune, and it becomes somewhat like a temple of Vadomer. Adham was a paladin of Vadomer. It loosly makes sense.

There’s faces in the floor. Screaming faces. Odd, that.

And a pool of water. A pool, eh? I drink some.

My mind clears. Odd, these caves are having a particularly ill effect on me. I do not notice it in the others, and hope they are not feeling the same effects. Carriellana must have blessed me through Vadomer’s holiest water to aid my mind. I feel calm and collected for the first time in these mines.

As I compose myself, the voice of the gnoll leader rings out through the temple and the mines. More foul fell taints attack us, and we are almost caught unprepared. We battle, and the glass floor with the faces of Adham under call us to them. Salix and I make it first, followed by Adara. We are bolstered and manage to fight off the fell taints.

It is agreed that after the battle, we could do with rest to recooperate and decide what our next cause of action should be.

Entry #4: Action in the Mine.
8th Jorrin, 1393

While in Worg’s Rest camp, we are approached by a distinctive and slightly dishevilled human who introduces himself as Jendras Chrisholme. He claims to be the custodian of Tarsis who he says has gone, with his men, to fight a dragon in the mountains. This should give us enough time to look for and investigate the mine. We survey the area around the camp and Ruskael, using his Dwarven knowledge, determines where the mine entrence is located. None of the rest of us are completely convinced. It looks like a hillside to us but Ruskael is persuasive. Acting on this information, Salix, using some of the powerful magic he has knowlwdge of, hurls a rock from the skies onto the mine entrance in the hope of clearing it. This fails and results in a small avalanch further covering that which we aim to uncover. We decide we need help and we acquire the help of the farmers who were guarding the camp. Gradually the rocks are removed, but not without incident. One of the farmers brakes a leg as a rock tumbles down onto him. At this point we are approached by a human named Tyrell. He claims to be a ‘Specialist’ and says he can help better organise the men for clearing the mine entrance. 2 hours later, the clearing is completed.

We enter the mine and almost immediately notice an unatural foggy patch near the entrance. It seems to contain a view of a place. We investigate but do not recognise it. I am sure it’s not a region of the Feywilde and I put forward the hypothesis that this may be a portal to another plain or land.

Leaving the ‘portal’ behind, we continue to inspect the twisting passages of the mine. Again we encounter an area with mist and again there seems to be the image of an unknown place within it. After a couple of experiments involving an arrow and a stone, we determine that these are not portals, but just images. Beyong this bank of mist, we notice two bodies spraweled out on the cave floor. They seem to be skeletal and there are a couple of items discernable on them. Ronson makes a lasso and attempts to haul the bodies through the mist back towards us. We eventually retrieve the items that belonged to the dead adventurers.

Myself and Ronson study the items and after a few moments realise what they are. The cold, grey leather armour is a Suit of Deathcut Armour. It has properties pertaining to protection against necrotic attacks and may also hurt those who attack the wearer. Ronson takes ownership of this item as I, being a ranged fighter, consider it better for a close combat fighter to use. The second item is determined to be a Rod of Hope Triumphant and Adara states that this item is best suited to her abilities. We all agree.
At this point, and without warning, we find ourselves no-longer in the mine, but in an unknown town. Looking around we see various figures and fighting men dotted around the square we are in. Some words are spoken by a blond man “I have come for you, gnoll-kin. Know that I am not alone, and that I will avenge the death of my lord and recover that which you have stolen from his corpse” and we suddenly find ourselves returned to the mine tunnel.

We have no time to consider this as on returning we notice a group of creatures made up of writhing tentacles. This looks threatening and we all attack these beasts. Someone calls out that these are Feltaints and that they attack the mind causing dimness of thought and slowness of movement.After a brief skermish, we kill off these creatures, several of us having temporarily been affected by their attacks.
We continue to explore the caves and come upon a large cavern with what seems to be a rickety bridge crossing a chasm. A couple of us manage to cross with no incident, but as I cross, I slip and fall. Luckily I am holding onto the rope handle put there by the previous crossers and I dangle in space until hauled up by Salix who seems to be able to walk on top of the rope handle.

Back on the bridge I carefully take a pace foreward when I am attacked from the darkeness above. A loop of something grabed me by the neck and I am hauled up towards the roof. I do not have time to react before I am dumped on a ledge covered in smaller versions of the creature that grabbed me. I become the lunch for a hord of ravenous young and collapse, severely injured, to the floor of the ledge as I am eaten alive. A voice rings out stating that these are Cave Anglers and it looks like a mother and her offspring. The mother Cave Angler, who had moved off in the meantime, caught Ruskael in her loop and took him off to another ledge full of hungry young.

The rest of the group start attacking the mother who lets out a call, and a couple climb up to where I am as they can tell from my silence that I am not in good shape. They start attacking the young and during the fight a potion of healing is administered to me. This is enough to bring me back to conciousness and I join in the attacks on the remaining young. A shout goes up that there is a second adult Cave Angler; the father no doubt! We fight off the creatures, killing them all and also saving Ruskael from certain death. We’ll have to be more careful in this mine as it seems to be inhabited by dangerous denizens of the dark.
After the fight, we lick our wounds and not without incident all manage to get across the bridge to the far side.


Entry #3; On Which We Take Employment
6th Jorrin 1393

Employment has come our way, as have rather course rumours about our character, courtesy of one Jolin Tarsis. However, we will endevour to carry on with our task. We have been hired by Mr Stokely to aquire an amulet dating back to the ancient human Nerath Empire. He handed us a copy of a manuscript, detailed below:

…the rise of gnoll activity. The defeat at Worg’s Rest was a terrible thing, but the loss of Prince Caralain is a more massive blow. The Emperor is said to be distraught and is crying out for dog-man blood. It is fortunate he does not know of the fate of the amulet, for if….

[The text is indecipherable for several lines due to damage to the parchment]

… it may still reside at Worg’s Rest. I have no doubt the beast will have kept it within the clutches of his paws if he can. Still, it drives man onwards to great things, such is its power, so he could have moved on. I hope it betrays him. Foul creature, it is nothing more than he deserves. I know their camp at Fort Nunst is well defended and it makes a good striking point. Could he have taken it there? He must believe that we’ll try for it?

He can’t know that we…

[The text is indecipherable for several lines due to damage to the parchment]

… although none of us speak it openly, we know that we will be falling back soon. As a Paladin of Vadomer the thought of recovering it before we do it sends shivers down my spine in anticipation. I plan to ask Yosef if he thinks the same. If so, damn our orders! We’re going to find it. For Prince Caralain and for the Empire.

I have a feeling much Gnoll blood will be spilled in the coming days!

We sought information around town, I myself went to a tavern to discuss the whereabouts of one Jolin Tarsis, as Mr Stokely had approached him prior and told him all he knew about the amulet.

When I left the tavern with my information, I was set upon by a group of drunken louts. To my great suprise and elation Graendithas rescued me! Unfortuantely, he disappeared before I could tell him of our mother’s murder and Belath Revar’s need of him.

In a daze, I returned to our rooms, and we collated our findings. We learnt a great deal about Prince Caralain, the former wielder of amulet (which we discovered may well be the legendary Amulet of Passage!) and a paladin of Vadomer under his command named Adahm, who we now believe to be the one who wrote the letter.

We then faced the choice of whether to head to Worg’s Rest or Fort Nunst. We knew that Tarsis had headed for the former, but the latter could have been an equally good lead. Of Nunst we heard rumours of dark cults and pirates. Unsure of where to go, Adara utilised her rituals to divine where we should head. Her hand of fate said we should head to Worg’s Rest and so we made preparations.

Soon we set off and found Tarsis’ camp.

Using subterfuge, a timely gas explosion and a rockfall, we have infiltrated the camp and are preparing to locate the amulet…

Entry 2# Vengeance in the Mines
28 Ollenda 1392

It has been one week since our recovery of the Staff of Earth and, using the reward offered, we have been able to pay off the debt to Standora, payment for the room she has so graciously offered us. Alas the coffers are once again running dry, aided in no small part by the generous bar bill that my friend Ronson has been able to, once again, generate.

Perhaps it is fortunate that this day we have an appointment with Trilda, a representative of Derrak Imports and Adventuring Supplies. I will doubtless update this journal once we have spoken with her and know what it is she would like us to do.

By the beard of Derne himself! It appears that one of my kinsmen, Frost of the Stoutbrew Clan has been murdered during a raid on his caravan by a bunch of insane and renegade halflings. The Grey Brothers, whom have reportedly gone mad since their home and families were destroyed, now have a price of 50 gold pieces on each scalp, a reward I am determined to collect on. The biggest problem will be finding these Grey Brothers, dispatching them will be much much easier.

In order to gain more information Ronson has journied to the docks to speak with a…somewhat shady…contact of his, meanwhile Davkas believes that he can locate potential sites for the Grey’s hideout by pouring over old maps of the region. I only hope there aren’t many candidates.

Meanwhile Adara is going to scour her memories, apparently a trait of the Deva I did not know existed, in an attempt to dredge up some useful information. Salix it appears is catching birds, one of the odd quirks that I’m not sure I’ll ever get used too, though he’ll need his energy and strength once we begin the assualt of the Grey’s.

I however am going to visit a good friend of mine, Ulsric Greybeard, an aging dwarf who, many decades ago was a formidable warrior. He is an honourable man and I hope that he will be able to aid us.

It appears my good friend Ulsric has developed some rather suspect habits in recent years, although able to aid us by providing a healing potion, he is also carrying some other suspect items, and I believe I will need to have a word with him at some point in the near future.

Discussions with my allies have confirmed Davkas’ suspicions, we believe the Grey brothers are holed up in an old mine not far from the town. It will not take us wrong to reach them. I will update this journal once the battle has been won, and my kinsmen has been avenged.

As we approached the mine we noticed a group of four human guards sitting around a camp fire. They were easily dispatched despite gaining the opportunity to surround Ronson. The battle itself felt far too easy however and was not surprised when the guard’s leader appeared from the outhouse to the side of the mine. The small goblin on the roof however took me by surprise, and as I finished off the leader of the guards my allies began the journey to assault the goblin.

The human leader fell swiftly to my axe while my allies dealt with the goblin. The final blow struck when the goblin was precariously balanced on the edge of a large chimney, thankfully the quick reaction of Salix stopped the goblin from falling, and alerting his allies to our presence.

We entered the interior workings of the mines, which are old and badly maintained, much as I expected. We encountered the first of the halflings swinging from a chain attacking us with a sling, though he too is quickly dispatched. As two goblins sneak out from the darkness another of the grey brothers attacks and flees down the ore-shute towards the warehouses and many of my allies follow.

The goblins are dispatched swiftly, one being knocked down into the pit, a fall of at least 30 feet, the sickening thud as it hit the ground was unpleasant, but the foulspawn’s death was necessary. Following my allies I headed down to the warehouse, where the second halfling was ducking and weaving under the legs of the beasts of burden.

Salix and Davkas manage to convince the horses to leave, opening up the field of attack. As the halfling spouted insults at us I pushed him to the floor with my shield opening up the chance for Ronson to end the miserable creature’s life. Uncharacteristically my ally is unable to defeat the fallen halfling, and in the insane creature’s haste to retaliate he forgets that I am prepared to assault him, and as he charges I finish him with one strike from my axe.

As we discussed how to proceed my friends check deeper in the mines but find no sign of any further life, Davkas believes he can hear horses outside, and with his keen elven hearing I am inclined to believe him, but neither he or Ronson can see anything. Ronson gestured with some odd signal, which at some point I must learn from him, but currently I have no idea what it meant. Doing what came naturally I strode out, planting my shield in the ground and issuing a challenge to the open air.

A poisoned crossbow bolt struck me, but due to my dwarven constitution the poison does not affect me. As the bolt impacted me a third halfling appeared, along with a crazed human who charged me. This battle was harder fought, and I felt my armour sundered. Eventually we were triumphant, and able to salvage three scalps, 300 silver and a magical sword.

The sword, it appears, belonged to the dwarf whom we were there to avenge, a vicious looking blade called Deathstalker. As well as our reward from Trilda she has allowed Ronson to keep the Deathstalker. I only hope it will do better in the hand of my friend than it did in the hand of its former owner.

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.

Entry 1# The Tower and the Staff
21 Ollenda 1392

At first, we hid behind a bush, watching the tower. Inside was the staff of Earth and Stone the lecturer Horton Swinth had hired them to acquire. It was guarded by a sleeping Bullywug and two giant frogs, which Ronson failed to grasp the length of their tongue. I estimated 15 feet, as a regular frog has a tongue roughly thrice its body and these frogs were at least five feet nost to rump.

Ronson slipped away to stalk the Bullywug, with Ruskiel following close behind. Ronson loosed a shot at the frog-man, and battle started. Ruskiel charged the bullywug, whilst the rest of the group peppered the frogs with arrows and magic.

Halfway through the battle, a Sporeback frog emerged from the lazy stream. It attacked Gedserth, knocking him over and pulling him close with its tongue.

The bullywug lept away from Ruskiel and attacked Ronson. The rogue had no chance, with the frog on oneside and the bullywug on the other. I shot at both, leaping from behind a boulder. With one draw of my bow, I loosed two arrows, one at each amphibian. They both fell, as did Ronson.

Ruskiel, Adara and Gedserth finished the Sporeback. I don’t recall who killed the final frog, so I’ll mark that to Salix.

With the battle finished and Ronson licking his wounds, we observed the tower up close. Obscured by a bush was some writing. I alerted the others to this and we saw a script with five interchangable symbols. It read;

Within the earth are deep secrets, best to keep something betwixt them and the arcane.

The twin elements of Earth and Water are inseperable.

In the eyes of this scholar, Fire is second.

Lofty air rises above the magic. Always.

Quickly I discerned that the stones represented the five elements. I nimbly rearranged them so, from top to bottom, they went Earth, Water, Magic, Fire, Air.

A secret stair opened behind us, and we descended.

At the bottom was a bedroom that was in remarkably good condition, considering the state of the tower. Ruskiel searched the room and found a note on a table, the note read;

Note to Self;

Until the lever labels arrive from Warrenchester, I must not forget what they all do.

The purple one casts a summoning spell to cause lots of nasty giant insects to appear. Biting ones. Quite vile! Awkward to clean up, however; use sparingly!

The orange one will cause the room to fill with noxious gas. Enough to make anyone inside queasy!

The pink one will cause a gust of bitterly cold air to rush down from upstiars. If it doesn’t knock the intruders down, it will certainly chill them to the bones.

Finally, the black one will cause teh room to be filled with a burning and blistering vapour. I’ve tested it though, it won’t harm the furnishings!

All in all, I think I’ve got more than enough things there to weaken my enemies without damaging the fittings! And to think, Horton said I should just use fireball! I’ll remember to point and laugh when his tower explodes!

The irony of the last paragraph was not lost on me.

Looking through a small window, I saw the next room. It was filled with bullywugs, including one of thier shamanistic leaders. It croaked at the others, and fled down a corridor, sealing it with mud.

After pulling the Pink and Orange levers, we entered the next room and slaughtered the bullywugs. The battle is hardly worth noting.

Ronson and Ruskiel discovered a way to break down the mud the bullywug leader had filled the door with. I paid them little attention, though did help Ronson break a table leg off so Ruskiel could use it. It puzzles me why he did not use his axe.

With the seal unplugged, we saw the remains of a wizard’s laboratory and the bullywug leader. He had summoned mudmen and bade them to attack us. Ruskiel charged him and struck him down with two swings of his axe.

With that, it was merely a trivial matter to dispose of the mudmen. The others mentioned the floor being slippery, but I did not notice. Ronson fell over again in agony, but it was merely bruises, we discovered afterwards.

After a cursory search of the room, we recovered the staff from the bullywug leader and made to leave.

As we exited the tower, we met Jolin Tarsis, the Duke’s son. Banter was passed between us, but to preserve space, I will merely say the unpleasant oike wanted the staff. He had a small army of bullywugs and his own adventuring troupe with him. I say troupe, I figure they are little more than hired thugs dressed pretty to make him look good.

We denied him the staff and regrouped in the tower. In there, I made a decoy staff, and it was agreed I would flee and draw the Duke’s whelp away.

I fled the tower, and the dukewhelp sent the bullywugs after me. The others snuck out of the secret stair and ran to our boat. I was later told that the duke followed them, but apart from some trouble with a log-bridge, they got away fine. I too was unharmed.

We got to our boat and made our way back to town. All in all, a successful venture.


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