Voyages Beyond

Entry #19; Slaves in the Dark
30th Menn, 1393

Safely hidden in their boxes, the party found themselves being packed for travel. A woman named Syrah would be their courier. She had a brief conversation with the tiefling known as Vikair, who she didn’t seem too keen on.

Vikair: “Be careful, Syrah; remember, those adventurers killed the dolts your employers sent after them”
Syrah: “I’ll be long gone. They don’t know where I’m going, do they? So it’s fine. At least this shipment got here. You’ve lost too many”
Vikair: “You will watch your tone with me, mortal. Stoutbrew’s influence and power is undoubted. The competency of those in his employ, however, is questionable. I will deal with it”
Syrah: “Your problem, not mine. I just do as I’m told”
Vikair: “I’m glad we have an understanding. Now, get out of here! It will be dawn soon!”

The journey was unpleasent and cramped. However, being of stout and heroic constitution the party made the journey with little ill effect, save for Salix who struggled with the lack of sunlight.

Resourceful Davkas viewed the journey through a drilled hole and discovered that they headed underground. After a relatively short journey across water, they arrived at their destination. Which, as it turned out, was a duergar keep. The duergar guards were not expecting living adventurers in the crates and, despite devious traps, were overcome. In the process, a pair of slaves were rescued. The first was an old acquaintance of Davkas’s, a spy for the Duke of Arromere, named Garret. The second was a wizard’s apprentice named Orlouge who had recently fallen out of favour with the lord of the duergar keep, Trundar.

Together the group began to evaluate the situation and resolved to kill Trundar – as he was clearly the one ordering these undead (although for what purpose?). As they began to work their way through the dungeon, they rescued many more slaves. Which was good, as they suddenly found themselves attacked by behemoths. The fight was short, but brutal and many slaves lay dead.

Entry #18; Undead and Buried
28th Menn, 1393

We made it to Tabram with little incident. When we arrived we headed straight to The Eagle’s Talon, owned by a friend of mine, the halfling Frigg Grasshopper. Known to most as a gregarious barman, only I know the truth that he actually works for the King as a spy, gathering information on the unsavory types who fill the small town. We stayed the night at his tavern and set off in haste the next day.

On the second day, we were attacked by a group of undead; a ghoul, three fast zombies and two hulking monstrosities. I spotted the big creatures over a rise and shot at them with Nevaenai and battle was joined.

It was a long battle, and the zombies were fierce. The hulking things were bellowing and one went for Ruskeal. Fortunately, it was felled by its companion pushing a boulder over it.

It stood back up, but at least it was down for a while. I was busy avoiding the zombies after the ghoul was destroyed. Eventually, however, all the creatures were destroyed. I’m trying to put out of my mind the fact it called us, “those who would enslave us.”

We continued on to Arrowmere, staying at the Skewered Porpoise, an establishment owned by one of Ruskeal’s acquaintences, an ex-beserker with a rather… relaxed attitude.

We split up the next day, with Ruskael and Gedserth investigating the warehouse, Ronson and Krall investigating… something, bars mostly. Salix and I originally looked into the mages, but I made us detour to speak to the paladins of Sorath. I spoke to Brother Kandor, filling him in on the undead smuggling situation. He told me he’d consult with his compatriots and told me to come back that night.

Salix and I returned to the Skewered Porpoise, were we met with Ruskael. It turns out Ruskael and I have had the same plan. We wait for Ronson and Krall to return, and the five of us return to the warehouse, where a couple of petty thieves who had killed the guards and were planning to rob the warehouse. Ronson blinded them with drunk-logic and they fled.

We broke in and hid in the crates, whilst Gedserth placed false wards on them. Now, we wait to see if they take the bait…

Entry #17: Dark Dwarves in the Deep Dark
23rd Menn 1393

A couple of days have passed since our assault by the lacedon and our discovery of Sternfist’s dishonourable trafficking of undead. The weather outside is inclement, which matches my mood, I am still furious at Sternfist, and very very concerned.

Returned to us, Salix does not appear to have been changed much by the recent experiences, whilst I drink and eat in the Inn early in the morning, he stays outside trying to catch birds. It is whilst Salix catches his breakfast that Gedserth and Ronson return, a hulking, gravel brained kaz-kluk-dar in tow.

After much posturing, many insults from the kaz-kluk-dar, expertly countered, Salix returns with a family of ducks, which will make a worthy dinner (added to by a sauce made of plums supplied by Gedserth). Gedserth then regales us with a tale of their adventurer and meeting of the kaz-kluk-dar and asks us to relate the tale of the recent days. I am loathed to explain about the treachery of Sternfist in front of the newest member of our group, Salix however happily explains.

The plan is now to leave for Arromere within the day and while the others do some shopping I have warned the watch about the Striking Sunrise, and the captain of the watch assures me that they will be apprehended. We will be travelling with a supply of empty crates supplied by Trilda Stoutbrew in an attempt to gain more information. It is an unnaturally windy day to travel but I foresee no issues on the road to Nidira

It has taken us four days to reach Nidira, a small village on the way to Arromere which at least has an Inn (the Fly and Boots). We dispatch Ronson to sort us a good deal at the inn while those of us that are…stranger…wait outside.

Stabling our mounts at the small stables, and ensuring the stable hand will keep an eye on them we return to the inn, Ronson, Davkas and I in one room, while Gedserth and the kaz-kluk-dar share another.

My hopes for a restful night have apparently been foiled by movement from the outside, Ronson goes to investigate, revealing that the inn is being attacked by dark dwarves, using some form of explosive compound.

A great fight occurs; two of the explosives being disarmed while Davkas, unfortunately, succeeds in blowing up a third and destroying a large portion of one wall. All of the dark dwarves lie dead at our feet, several having fallen prey to the sharp blade of my axe. We search the bodies, revealing a small bone statuet, gems, a finely woven red cloak and a silver circlet upon the body of the duergar priest. We have handed the gems to the innkeeper to allow him to repair the damage to his inn, and while we must decide who will carry the Circlet of Authority that can be done in the morning.

The dark dwarf’s final words will weigh on my mind though, “In the name of Mammon I am avenged.”

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.

Entry #16b: Damned Orcs!
7th Menn 1393

In walked the travel-worn woman. Her clothing dusty and torn, her gaze darting and questioning. She moved towards a couple chatting near the bar of the Inn: One a Tiefling, the other a Human. They looked up as the intruder caught their attention. ‘Can we help you madam?’ enquired the Human. ‘I believe so’ came the reply. ‘I need your help’.
Gedserth and Ronson looked at each other, then back at the woman. She was middle-aged, had long and messy mouse-brown hair, pale skin streaked with the dust from the road and her clothing, though ruined, had once been of good quality. ‘How can we do that?’ came the accented query. ‘Let me introduce myself’. Her voice was refined but not of a local accent. She smiled as she started to talk. ‘I am Lady Varna of Varna Keep near the town of Elchisham. I have come directly here after hearing that there is a group of mercenaries or adventurers in these parts. I understand that you are of this band of men. The reason I need your help is that Varna Keep has been attacked and overrun by a band of Orcs. I understand that you and your group may be willing to clear them out of the Keep and rid me of their presence, for a reward.’
On hearing this, Gedserth; ever the gentleman (dispite his obvious Tiefling heritage),stood up and invited the Lady to the group’s quarters. There he offered her facilities to clean up and supplied her with some clean attire. This she accepted graciously. After returning to the comfort of an armchair and accepting a cup of tea, the Lady and the men settled down to bargain over the task.
After a short while, the sum of 100 Gold and any treasure found at the Keep (which the Lady said had been defiled by these filthy vermin) would be the payment for ridding the place of it’s invaders.
Standora the landlady, agreed to give the Lady board and lodging for the night. She also advised the men that as their number was temporarily reduced; Davkas, Adara and Ruskael being away, they ought to find at least one other to help make up the numbers. Gedserth continued with his evening job of guarding the Inn from foul and unwanted deeds and act. Ronson entertained the Lady and drank a pint or two as was his want.
During the evening, a rather large, both in height and stature, person entered the Inn. He was of the race known as ‘ Goliaths’. He was muscular, carried a polearm and had what seemed to be tatoos or marks on his skin. Only one other like him had been seen in these parts: Aukoth’s Smithy, the town blacksmith. This Goliath started to drink the beer on offer and after a few started to get rowdy at the bar.
Gedserth started to think that his skills would be required to throw this individual out of the Inn, but Ronson, heeding Standora’s advice, went up to the Goliath and started to engage him in conversation. With a sly grin, Ronson nodded his head in Gedserth’s direction to call him over to the bar. He had recruited the Goliath for the Verna Keep expedition. ‘Meet Krall Stonebraker, Gedserth’ There were now three, well three and a half mambers in the party.
The next morning, the three men packed their equipment. While doing so, Standora disappeared into the attick and emerged with a garment in her hand. ‘This is for you Gedserth. It’s a cloak. It will help protect you in the coming fights. I believe it’s called a ‘Cloak of Distortion’ or something like that. I acquired it from an old boyfriend when I was making my way from the Shecalde Desert to the Ashen Coast. He gave it to me to use for protection. Unfortunately, he disappeared during the journey leaving me with the it. I haven’t seen him since.’
The party got onto their camels and Krall onto his Crodlu; a large reptile-like creature that walks on two legs, and made their way to the district of Elchisham town.
The journey was uneventful and following the direction supplied by Lady Verna, the entrpid adventurers found themselves nearing the Keep. Having dismounted and tethered and hobbled their mounts at appropriate places, the Crodlu not too close to the camels, the group started to move cautiously towards the Keep.
While doing so, they became aware that they were being watched. Up in a tree, looking for all the world like part of it, was a creature that looked surprisingly like the departed Salix Alba; a member of the Living Wild. In fact, to Gedserth and Ronson, it looked like it was Salix.
Introducing ourselves, we discover that this Wilden is indeed Salix; Salix Sherai, not Salix Alba. Salix Sherai says he remembers Salix Alba as he is part of his ‘Clan?’ He indicates that he would be interested in joining the group if they were off to the Keep to get rid of the Orcs.
The party has now grown to four members. After preliminary ‘scouting’ where no sign of live Orcs is apparent, the group moves into the Keep through the unlocked and open gates. Once inside, the bickering and argumentative voices of what can only be Orcs was heard. Krall says he can understand what they are saying as they speak a Giant tongue which he knows. Apparently the Orcs are squabling over food. Now there’s a suprise!
The location of the noise is determined and the group enter a tower which is again, unguarded. They climb the tower stair to a set of close double doors. There, after a pause, Gedserth pushes the doors open allowing Ronson to throw a sunstick into the dark room beyond. As Krall surges forward to attack whatever is on the other side of the door, he comes face to face with a giant, glowing beetle. In fact there are two, and beyond them can be seen two Orcs. A skirmish ensues with Krall using his halbard against the giant insects, Salix using javalins against them, Ronson using his stealth and guile to engage the Orcs, and Gedserth keeping out of trouble by moving constantly and shooting bolts of energy where required.
Eventually, the enemies are dispatched to the hells beyond this life and the group are able to recover their breath and whits. A quick search of the room is carried out. A dead Half-Elf is found in one of the cages littering this room and Gedserth finds some treasure; an Amythist and a Pearl. A key is also found on one of the Orcs.
The adventurers move to the closed doors at the far end of the room. The bickering Orc voices can be heard a bit louder from hear. Again, Gedserth opens the doors to allow his comrades to burst into the room unimpeded.
This time, seven Orcs turn at the noise of the intrusion. Again a fight ensues. Krall seems to be able to hold the attention of the Orcs but seems not to suffer too much at their hands. He seems to defy their attacks and is able to occupy them allowing the others to engage in their preferred wmanner.
One Orc manages to push over a large couldron of some sort of soup or pattage. This surprises Krall and he tumbles onto his arse in the hot liquid. The others engage the Orcs, stopping them from fleeing. Part way through the fight, after Krall had regained his feet, another Orc emerged from a door at the back of the room. This Orc had only one eye and started using what can only be described as some sort of magic in his fighting. With, so Krall tells us, constant threats to both his Orcs and to the adventurers, inciting the name of Gruumsh, the one eye.
The unwanted attentions of the Orcs are eventually overcome and the group again rest for a few moments. They search the roomand what turned out to be a small storeroom. There, the priest’s treasure was found; some gold and a pair of slightly magical boots which on inspection turned out to be ‘Boots of Equilibrium’. Apparently, the werarer has good grip with them and doesn’t fall over so easily. Maybe Krall or Ruskael could do with these?
The group then bursts into a third room. There, two Orcs and a giant Boar of some kind are ready and waiting for the adventurers. Beds scatter this room. The enemy are immediatly set upon by the group and after a short skirmish, the Dire Boar, and the two Orcs, one of whome is the Chieftan, lie in pools of their own blood and piss.
The whole Keep is searched but no more Orcs can be found. It seems the band of Orcs is no more. The group return to the Troll’s Tooth Inn where they inform Lady Varna that the Keep has been liberated. She and the others, except Salix Sherai who disappears from the group, return to Varna Keep and help tidy the place up. The Lady confirms that we may keep what treasure we have found.

Entry # 16a; Ghoulish Goings On
21st Menn 1393

Four months of travel with Lady Endethion have left me… frustrated. I returned to the Troll’s Tooth weary from my journey and concerned with the news from Belath Revar. It seems Graendithas’ prescence is greatly needed.

Still, I’m glad to be home. My bed’s warm with… um, Tabitha, I think? Anyway, the night was going well until Ruskael came knocking and interrupted. Apparently his old friend had been attacked and was injured. The dwarf had drank a healing potion, so I wasn’t too worried. The attack looked like a ghoul claw.

Ruskael and I set off to find the creature. A daring roof-top fall from Ruskael aside, we found our way to the sewers near the graveyard.

In those foetid tunnels we found the ghoul, or lacedon to be more precise, and attacked. In retrospect, we should have planned more because the zombies were a suprise.

Not as much as a suprise as the return of Salix. S/he waded into the battle with… something helping. With the undead dispatched, we searched and found a piece of crate embedded in the ghoul. It was from Trilda’s firm. Gathering ourselves, we returned to the Troll’s Tooth and as Ruskael quizzed Salix, I returned to Tabitha.

The next day, we went to see Trilda who knew nothing of the crates contents, introduced us to Sternfist, the dwarf who dealt with the crates. He tried to fob us off with lies and excuses and seemed wary when we asked to see the crates. When we went to look, Sternfist took off on a cart. I gave chase on foot, whilst Ruskael and Salix stayed behind to deal with ruffians.

Fortunately, I managed to get on the back of the dwarf’s cart and shoot an inn sign off a biuilding onto his face. This allowed me to get up to him and seize the reigns. Salix and Ruskeal caught up as we stopped. The dwarf agreed to take Sternfist to the watch as Salix and I dealt with the zombies in the crates.

After an interrogation and a shaving, Sternfist tells us that the zombies were bound for Arromere and had come from the plaguelands.

Learning this, we returned to the Troll’s Tooth to plan our next move.

Entry #15: Triumph and loss.

In response to receiving the bow, the Drow couple hand over a set of plate mail that they found in the crystal house. It immediately piques the interest of several of the party; Salix, Gedserth and Davkas try and determine if it has magical properties while Ruskeal looks at the possibilities it will give him in defense. Davkas seems to know about this armour:
“I think this set of armour is called The Unbroken Wave. I recognise the slightly blue colouring and the graphics the armourer has put onto the device and the fact that it is magical all points in that direction”.
On hearing this, Ruskeal immediately lays claim to the armour. “That’s mine then!” he shouts, leaping (is that the right word for Dwarven movement?) across to lay his hands on the item. Nobody disputes his claim. Well, who else here wears plate mail?
We turn our minds back to disabling the magical barrier stopping us from escaping this place. Gedserth and Davkas decide to retrieve a mirror, after concluding the Ruskael‘s idea about redirecting the energy ribbons towards the central pillar to destroy it and the barrier, would most likely work.
While they are gone, Salix starts to investigate the central pillar more closely, being careful not to interrupt the energy bands with his body. After some study and contemplation, he suddenly uses one of his claws to create a slit in the crystalline structure of the artefact. Removing a twig and leaf from his body, he inserts it into the slit as if ge was grafting one plant into the body of another. A few seconds later, a gentle yellow glow surrounds the graft, infusing into the pillar and vegetation.
Responding to the quizzical looks of his companions, Salix utters “Life has a way”. As he watches, the graft seems to grow and take root within the pillar.
At this point, Gedserth and Davkas return with a mirror obtained from one of the rooms downstairs and Gedserth starts to show Ruskeal (he who is better able to stand up to the damage likely to be caused when the pillar is destroyed), what to do with the mirror to redirect one of the bands of energy.
Keeping his concentration on the pillars and the energy coursing through and around them, Salix announces that the "Power has changed and it now wants to protect the Lady Endethien’.
“Does that mean that the barrier is gone?” queries Gedserth. “I don’t know” is Salix‘s response. Thoughtfully, Gedserth muses "I think we should go and check if it’s there or not before playing around with the energy".
We leave Ruskael in the tower room with the mirror and make our way out of the building. The barrier is still present. While determining this, a familiar noise reaches us from the house. We turn around and see a new form of Lord Endethien rise up from a pool of silvery liquid on the ground. The house’s avatar makes it’s way over to us. We ready ourselves for a new fight, but Endethien seems to be in a talkative mood.
He explains that he, and therefore the house, wants company and won’t let us go as that would condemn them to loneliness. He seems a bit more relaxed than earlier and we chat with him, eventually convincing him that there are better ways to acquire company. Davkas suggests allowing some of the wild creatures from the island to enter the house and Gedserth informs the avatar that the building could be made into an inn or tavern. People would use the house’s facilities for resting between adventures or for tourists (which had to be explained) who wanted to ‘get away’ from home and see another part of the world. Endethien brightened up on hearing these ideas.
It is also suggested that he change his name from the stolen ‘Endethien’. Davkas comes up with the name ‘Theodonen’ which the avatar is happy to take.
“Let’s get back to Ruskeal and tell him what’s happened then”.
Theodonen disappears into a pool of liquid silver and we make our way towards the house. Unexpectedly, we are shaken and the building starts to crumble around us. We realise too late, that Theodonen has reappeared in th tower room and believing he is about to be attacked, Ruskeal has intserted the mirror into the energy beams. Subsequantly, the disturbance in the energy flow is causing the building to destroy itself.
“Nooooo! Ruskael! Leave the energy alone!”. Salix and Gedserth rush into the building and up the stairs to the tower rooom. The others, take a position behind a large rock to protect themselves from the shaking and crumbling edifice. While hiding there, Davkas turns his attention back to the barrier and manages to force his way through it in its weakened state. The others and the Drow follow his example, the Drow moving off into the undergrowth.
In the meantime, Salix and Gedserth are buffeted by the spasms of the wounded house, Gedserth falling to to the floor while Salix manages to get to the tower room. Salix, thinking fast, decides to ‘Thunder Slam’ the unruly Dwarf to knock him away from the energy, but either Ruskael is too strong or the spell too weak as it only knocks him off balance, causing the energy beam to be directed away from the central pillar.
Salix leaps onto the Dwarf in the attempt to wrestle the mirror out of his hands which fails miserably.
By this time, Gedserth has got back to his feet and enters the room. As he does so, another strong vibration shakes him and Salix to the floor. From that position, Salix tries to sweep Ruskael‘s legs from under him but the Dwarve’s balance is too good to be easily disturbed.
Calling from his prone position, Gedserth intelligently uses his intimidatory powers to get Ruskael to drop the mirror. Amazingly, Ruskael does just that and as he does so a beam of energy, reflecting from the mirror, swings around and hits Theodonen. Theodonen‘s form disintegrates with a ’pop!’, returning to droplets of silver liquid on the floor.
Immediately, the building’s shaking and destruction reduces and slowly comes to a halt.
As the disturbences in the energy field return to normal, a disfigured form of Theodonen reappears from the floor. A potion of Healing is given to the avatar in the hope that it might help restore some of the bilding’s life force. It does just that and the disfigurement Theodonen was suffering is removed.
“Let’s get out of here”. We make our way outside and notice that bits of the crystal building, where it has been damaged, are being repaired with wooden structures. We say “Goodbye” to Theodonen and promise to ‘advertise’ the Inn to start the flow of guests to the establishment.
We return to our ship, all in one piece, with the Amulet of Passage and Lady Endethien. The sailors are pleased to see us emerging from the jungle and the ship makes its way to the gate area and the return home. At the appropriate spot, we cast the powdered Pseudodragon teeth into the sea and the gate opens from the Fey Wilde into the Prime Material plane; home.
As we cross, out of nothing next to us, a ship appears. We immediately recognise it as Captain Blackhand’s unseaworthy vessel. They have been lying in wait for us to cross the gate, hoping to ambush us but we are more prepaired for them than they realise; they do not surprise us as they expected to. Obviously, Captain Blackhand still wants that Amulet.
Some of his goblin hands drop planks across the ships’ sides and rush onto our vessel. A fight ensues as we attempt to force them off our ship and into the evil hell they deserve to inhabit. Gedserth, Salix and Adara using their ranged abilities to knock out some of the goblins, including one using magical abilities from Blackhand’s ship. During the fight, an unconcious Davkas falls into the water between the ships, but manages not to be crushed by the hulls. He starts to fall back as both ships move forewards. Salix, seeing this, leaps into the sea after Davkas and manages to swim to him and save him from certain drowning. With a mighty feat of strength, Salix manages to get both himself and Davkas onto our ship’s deck, where aid is administered.
At one point, both Ronson and Ruskael succumb to the constant attacks of Blackhand, his evil monkey and swarms of goblin hands, falling to the deck under the weight of numbers. At this point, Salix causes a comet to fall on Blackhand’s head, further injuring an already injured Captain. This is Salix’s last action because in attempting to remove Blackhand from the fight, he is himself overwealmed by several goblins who have appeared out of the rigging and have attacked him. Salix falls under their fatal blows, streams of silver, gold and purple energies escaping from his bark-like skin.
Adara gets the final say with Blackhand as a stream of holy energy shudders into him, removing him from the fight and this world for ever.
At that point, the remaining goblins surrender and are swiftly dispatched to their makers.
Ronson and Ruskael, having got up from their prone positions, move over to Salix’s body to confirm that he is dead, Ruskael retrieving a wooden item that seems to be more or less all that remains of Salix’s body. “We may be able to resurrect ”/campaigns/voyages-beyond/characters/salix-alba" class=“wiki-content-link”>Salix from this" he explains.
We spend the remainder of the journey on the ship recovering from the fight and picking over the items we have acquired. Subdued by Salix’s death we spot the Gelfar Lighthouse and arrive at the port of Gelfar a week after the fight.
We make our way to a Temple and spoke to the Priestess of Carriellana. Handing over the remnanat of Salix we ask her to resurrect our friend. She looks at the item baffled. “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. This is still alive and you should keep an eye on it”
We returned to Standora Threft’s Inn where we summon Squark and tell him to inform the Crowfather that his daughter can come and paint the Amulet of Passage. We state strict times when this can be done.
Once the painting has completed, we also summon Stokely to the Inn. He is happy to see that we have succeeded in retrieving the Amulet and pays us the agreed price with a little extra included.
Having placed the last ‘bit’ of Salix in a safe place, Ruskael discovers a week later that it has disappeared. Salix is now with us only in our thoughts.

Entry #14: Control and Termination
22nd Jorrin, 1393

The portal closes behind us and we find ourselves back in the crystal building’s dining room with the large mithril table. We are alone with the Lady and take the opportunity to rest and recover our breath after the exertions in the mirror world. When recovered, Ronson attempts to break the large mirror on the wall by performing a flying kick at it. He bounces off like water off a rock. Gedserth shows him how it’s done and shatters the mirror with one whack of his mace. The silvered glass shards scatter over the floor in a hap-hazard sparkling pattern.
‘Lets get out of this place’. Davkas and Ronson lead the group through to the hall. As we arrive there, we notice the ‘Lord Endethian’ coming down the stairs talking to himself or an unseen accomplice. He also notices us out of the corner of his eye. Ronson descerns some surprise there. Davkas, thinking quickly, hides below the staircase and as the Lord Endethian processes down, catches his ankles causing the Lord to tumble to the bottom of the stairs. Ronson jumps on the Lord and incapacitates him by strapping his arms and legs together. A gag is pushed roughly into the Lords buccal oriface to stop him calling out for help.
As this is happening, the wise Salix withdraws the Lady from the hall to keep the knowledge of her escape from Endethian.
Picking up the lord, we strap him down to the Mithril table in the dining room. There is no resistance from the Lord.
We prepare for an interrogation, which is started by Davkas. " What is your name?". The Lord responds “Whatever you want to call me”. Gedserth cuts in, using his intimidatory powers to elicit a more truthful answer "Who were you talking to as you came down the stairs?‘. The response is surprising; "I was talking to the ’Prison’!“. Ge goes on to explain that the crystal building is a prison for the trapped Cleric behind the mirror and that his master is a powerful arch-fee who lives far away. This arch-fee, killed the Cleric’s parents and trapped her behing the mirror as a punishment for some misdeed.
As he finished talking, the ”/campaigns/voyages-beyond/characters/endethian-lord-of-calon-talay" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lord Endethian melted before our eyes, turning into a silver liquid and escaping from his bonds. At the same time, we see more silver liquid seeping up through the floor and table and turning into elven fighters, two with bows and several with two swords. Lo and behold, the Lord Endethian is also present, but no longer bound.
We realise that Endethian has escaped and has been able to summon defenders, but what magic is used is unknown to us currently. We immediately switch into fighting mode and a battle ensues, Ruskeal impressivly charging around like a bull in a china shop. We fight enthusiastically, whitteling down the elven fighters until only Endethian himself is present. We severely injure him, but before we are able to carry out the final act, he escapes by again turning into the silver liquid we whitnessed before.
Again, we rested to reorganise ourselves. The Lady, who had been hidden behind a large tapestry since we encountered Endethien, confirmed his story about her parents and the Arch-Fee. She also named him as ‘Asterion’ and that he is some sort of Feewilde ‘loan shark’ and an evil creature.
Having rested, we decide to escape from this palace and island and make our way back to our homeland. We walk out of the building with no further problems, but about 30 yards beyond the walls, we hit an invisible barrier or some kind. Salix, as surprised by the barrier as the rest of us, falls, but being cat-like lands on his feet.
Putting his knowledge of the archane to use, Gedserth determines that this is a magical energy barrier and that this energy seems to be emitted by the obelisks located around the building, outside the barrier itself. One or two of us throw stones at the barrier to see if it has a top edge, but every stone is blocked by the wall.
As we contemplate our situation, the Lord Endethien reappears behind us, looking none the worse for his close brush with death earlier. “You are trapped here. This is now also your prison. But don’t dispair, I can provide for your every need”. He tries to sweeten our prospects of being imprisoned here for the rest of our lives by tempting us with wealth and power (which seems a bit pointless considering we will be trapped in this building forever).
Drwaing up to his full height, Gedserth holds the Lord with his unblinking stare and tries to intimidate him into releasing us from the bounds set by the barrier. The Lord politley refuses and again, melts away in a pool of silver metal.
Salix reports that the Amulet of Passage, seems to be very quiet at the moment and that it will not help in any escape from this predicament. This seems strange for an object that was so intent on escape earlier. “Looks like we eill have to escape by ourselves” he confirms.
Gedserth and Davkas look at each other. “Well it seems that there should be some sort of controlling entity or object within the house somewhere”. “We need to find it and disable it”.
We start to search the building, looking for this controlling power. As we search, Davkas, using his heightened Elven senses, detects some sort of humming trail in the walls and floors of the rooms. We follow this trail until it splits. Salix takes a closer look at this trail and confirms that it is some sort of magical effect. Gedserth also takes a closer look at the split trails, and works out that one of them is more powerful than the rest. We follow this strong trail which leads us to a tower. As we climb the tower, we come to a metal door locked by magic. Ronson pulls out a small implement from his shirt and attampts to unlock the door. After several minutes of manipulating his tool, a click is heard and the door swings open.
We move into the revealed room leaving the Lady behind us beyond the open door. The room has four strange obelisks standing at the corners of a square. A fifth obelisk stands at their centre. One of the obleisks in the outer ring has been partially destroyed and lies in a heap of rubble. Energy crackles between the four standing obelisks and a haze of energy surrounds the remains of the destroyed obelisk.
Salix reveals that he believes that this is the source of the power used for the barrier and Gedserth confirms that this also powers the whole building. “We must destroy these obelisks to switch everything off, but destroying an obelisk with force will cause a release of energy which is dangerous. Using magical means will take longer, but be safer”.
Again, the Lord Endethien reappears, welling up as a silver liquid to take form. We ask him to let us escape this prison as we now know the source of the power here. He refuses to do so.
Ruskeal the Dwarf suggests that pieces of the broken mirror could be used to divert the energy fields onto an obelisk, overloading it with power and causing it to explode.
At that point, the Lord Endethien uses his magic to close the steel door, trapping us in the room and the Lady outside it. Davkas takes this as a signal to start another fight with the Lord and shoots an arrow from his mighty bow at him. As this happens, more creatures appear in the room, welling up as liquid silver from the floor before coalescing into orc-like creatures and two whirling masses of what look like mirror shards. As we fight, Endethien causes mirror images of some of the group, to appear and fight their corresponding group member. The two mirror shard creatures throw bolts of lightning at us and if we get too close to them, the whirling shards cause impact damage to us. At one point, Davkas falls to the ground in mortal danger, but manages to find strength to overcome his injuries and continue the fight. We finally kill off the creatures, leaving Lord Endethien alone to receive the combined powers of our skills. He finally succumbs to a sneak attack from Ronson the Pirate and as this happens, the power in the central obelisk noticably dims.
The locked door also unlocks as the Lords power is removed from this world allowing the Lady to enter the room.
As we recover from our exertions, we hear rushing footsteps coming up the tower stairs towards us. We ready ourselves for further action, but the Drow we met yesterday appear in the room. They are not hostile and said that they got here as soon as they could on hearing the clash of weapons. They both look at the Lady as they realise she has the Mikenai Bow that they are looking for. She willingly hands it over to them.

Entry #13: Let loose the Dogs of war
21st Jorrin, 1393

And so we have come to find the amulet of passage, and now all that remains is to find a way out of this prison, while being hunted like weak and frightened prey. The fact that this ‘Lady Endethian’, if she is in fact the true bearer of that name, has hidden here for so many years and failed to find a way out does not fill me with the greatest confidence.

Salix Alba, having spent some time examining the artefact, has gained attunement and has gained a minor understanding of the amulet. He believes he can attune us all to the amulet, allowing us to take advantage of the powers within. Salix and Davkas recommend we attempt to search for the information to open a portal within the library, and the apparent Lady Endethian offers to show us, in exchange for us taking her from this prison.

Books made of paper…they’ll never last! I’ll admit that this library is quite vast but I still have trouble with the idea of books made of paper. I trust in my allies to search these books for the hidden clues.

Davkas begins making some odd gestures at Ronson, it appears that he’s trying to alert us that something else is in the room with us, swarms of books rise up and begin to attack us. I had never imagined that fighting swarms would be so difficult, so hard to hit and damage, but eventually we end them, but not before exhausting ourselves physically in the pursuit.

Oddly it appears that one of the books to attack us may hold the verbal components needed for the ritual of opening, and it is agreed that we will retire to the safety of Endethian’s room to rest and study the books, tomorrow we will open the portal, and doubtless the Gnoll will attack then.

We decide to perform the ritual in the same place that we exited, Ronson, Davkas and I taking up our positions around the room to prepare for any assault. As expected, as the ritual begins the Gnoll strikes, coming straight through the wall, with a group of small viscous creatures.

The battle is fierce and the portal begins to open as the Gnoll flees, jumping straight through the ceiling, his viscous minions falling apart as he does. He will be back however, so we stand prepared.

The portal is closed and the gnoll is dead, his carcass trapped within the mirror. The battle was the hardest we have been through, and there is still the problem of the false Endethian, I am sure he will be dealt with swiftly, and soon.

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.

Entry #12: Demon Dogs
20th Jorrin, 1393

The portal to the mirror world opened, and we reluctantly entered the place ‘behind’ the mirrors. Looking around, we see we are in a wooden building, that on first view looks like a mirror image of the crystal building we have just left. There seems to be a strange odour of something foul mixed with something fair. Some of us look back through the mirror and can see Lord Endethian talking to an unseen listener. Ronson, using some skills he posesses to read lips, was able to determine the jist of the conversation. Apparently, the Lord is pleased that he has got rid of us. This seems strange for a host who did his best to welcome us and to help us attain the amulet of Passage, but it is starting to confirm the latter misgivings we had of him. What have we got ourselves into? Turning away, the Lord moves out of the room, still talking and gesticulating as if he was in deep conversation with someone, but we see not who that ‘someone’ is.
Turning back to our task, Ronson suggests that we should seek the small room where he initially encountered the crying woman. We agree and follow his lead.
Moving through the rooms of the building we enter the main hall where two curving staircases descend from the first floor. As we look around the room to determine its layout, we notice some movement on the stairs. Creatures! Together, Salix and Gedserth cry out ‘ Dretches!’ and ‘ Demons!’. The group immediately prepare for action as the dog-sized creatures bound down the stairs towards us.
As combat gets underway with Davkas using his newly acquired ability to shoot his mother’s bow on the move (he’d been practicing this technique for months before he felt confident enough to use it in anger), and others of the group moving out to make contact with the Dretches, we notice more enemies up on the gallery which surrounds three of the four sides of the hall. They look like giant beetles but we do not immediately recognise what they are; some sort of demon though.
As the combat takes place, with Ruskeal slowing the Dretches advance and Ronson flanking the creatures and inflicting copious quantities of damage to them, sudden bolts of crackling energy leap from the creatures on the gallery, arcing down to hit us below. ’That’s lightining!’ cries Adara and several of us take protection under the stairs as we seek to cover our backs from the new attacks.Salix calls out that the lightning bugs are Runespiral Demons, ‘The lightning attack gave them away’.
Concentrating on the Dretches, we gain the upper hand and manage to dispatch them in under a minute. An unexpected consequence in killing them is that upon death, they explode like over-fermented barrels of ale, spreading a noxious gas, that seems to affect those within it. This also reveals the source of the foul odour in the atmosphere. We’ll have to watch out for that in future. Coughing and spluttering from the noxious effects, Ruskeal and Ronson follow Salix up the stairs to accost the lightining beetles. Bolts of eldrich energy, magically enhanced arrows, powerful shards of light and streaking comets aid the blades of the melee combatancts to add to the collection of our vanquished enemies.
The combat completed, we look around at each other and take a short breather. ‘Demons! Bloody demons! They must be summoned here by someone.’ We start to repair the damage the fight inflicted on us. ‘Probably that creature we saw in the background when we saw the Cleric in the mirror’ Davkas reminds us. ‘What? That Gnoll creature?’ questions Ruskeal.
After our rest, we continue to make our way to the small room but as we search for it, we realise that this building is not a mirror image of Lord Endethian’s home. Ronson cannot find it, but we end up in a bed chamber. Looking around this room, we notice that graffiti has been daubed on the walls in an unknown alphabet. Again, someone recognises it as possibly some sort of demonic script.
As we investigate, we are surprised by six shapes appearing through the walls and entering into the room. We recognise four of them as more Dretches, but again it is Salix who recognises the two flying combatants; ‘Those flying lumps of lard are Gnaw Demons!’
And ‘gnaw’ is what they seem to want to do. Again the fight is short but vicious. The adventurers calling on an assortment of powers and abilities, again triumph over the denizens of evil as we put them to the sword. Again a short rest is taken to recover from our exertions.
We continue to explore the building and move up to the second floor. As we hit the landing, we notice the sound of crying. ‘That must be her’ exclaims Ronson. ‘It sounds like what I heard before’. We move off towards the sound and enter a room where we find her. She immediately stops her sobbing and with a weapon in hand spins round and points it towards us. ‘Stay where you are! Don’t get any nearer to me!’ She waves the crossbow at us. What we believe to be the Amulet of Passage around her neck, swings in the air as she gesticulates. We step back and holding our hands up to show we are not a threat, we calm her down before she does something we will all regret. Realising we are not her enemies, the Cleric relents from her agressive posture.
She then introduces herself to us as the Lady Endethian and that the Eladrin who we know as Lord Endethian, is actually an imposter. She says she has been trapped on this side of the mirror by him.
Salix points out to us all, that the crossbow that the Lady is carrying, is the one the Drow we met in the forest were searching for; the Mikanai Bow.
During our conversation, the Lady agrees to let us look at the amulet around her neck and indeed, this is the powerful item that we seek: The Amulet of Passage at last!

Entry #11; The Perfect End to the Perfect Day
19th/20th Jorrin 1393

It started well. Me get on dry land, me seem fine. Me hang around pretty glass house, but there it all end in tragedy, as it always does. Blackhand order loads of us to follow into forest and attack the other team.

Me do so, with heavy heart and little will. We finds them coming back from the beach and Crush order us to attack. It not go well. We all die. Including me. On the whole, me feel that things not get much worse. Death be welcome, eternal happieness and all that.

That not case. Me brought back to life. A little unhappy, really. Me mean, the other team, they had healing elf guy, he could have helped me, but he didn’t. And other hooman pirate, he cause me to attack Crush, then he kill me! Me not happy.

Me wake up dunno how long later, but beasties have started eating my friends. But me not in blissful afterlife, me in forest, with small rat nibbling on me fingers.

Me get up and head to shore, to find captain, to get home. But they gone. Me especially not happy.

Me wonder what other team up to? Me suspect they go back to glass house and get told were thingy-whatsit is. Me reckon they see eladrin girl in mirror, or even hooman pirate see big bad gnoll. Me get sneaking suspicion they reluctantly agree to go into mirrors to kill a cleric of Lyandra.

Me not know why me thing this, but it help to pass time as me paddle towards way home.

As long a no big waves come and wash me off raft, me reckon me can get over seasickness and catch fish and make way home. Maybe go back to tavern. Though me want to have words with other team, ask them why they treats me so badly. Yeah, that good idea! Me do that me do… that big wave coming towards me.

If I paddle a bit faster I can get aw-…


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