Shimmering Leather Armour

Leather version of cloth Shimmering Armour


Shimmering leather armour jpeg

This armour is the leather equivalent of the cloth Shimmering Armour.


Gedserth’s Shimmering Leather Armour was found while searching the body of a long deceased human; Joseph, in the illusiary temple found in the mine near Worg’s Rest. It was promised to the party by the long dead Paladin Adham on agreeing that we perform the ritual to send his spirit from its current torment to that place where his spirit should reside.
On finding the item, and determining its properties, it was agreed that Gedserth, being primarily a ranged combatant, should take and make use of it. He had it adjusted and coloured to his tastes in the town of Gelfar. The armour is now almost black in colour, with a shimmering grey hue apparent when its powers kick in. The boarders of the leather pieces that make up this armour are tinted green and red, to reflect both the demonic link that all Teiflings posesse and the acquaintence that Gedserth has with the Feywilde.

Shimmering Leather Armour

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