Nevaenai Blessed

Davkas's bow, an heirloom blessed by Carriellana herself

weapon (ranged)



His mother’s bow, Nevaenai has been Davkas’ weapon of choice throughout his adventures on the Ashen Coast and it has been the end of many a foul creature or villain.

In his quest to find his brother, Graendithas, Davkas found himself turning to the goddess Carriellana who blessed his bow and promised that it’s grace and strength would aid him on his quest.

To pluck on the bow-string of this much loved weapon is to hear the warming sound of angel song, and Davkas need only wish it and his ammunition will shimmer with a golden radiance.

They say no enemy can hide from Nevaenai and it is true that shots from this weapon have a certain unnerving accuracy, seeming to duck and weave around obstacles or strike true through even blinding darkness. On occasion, even Davkas’ allies have found that their own attacks have been blessed with this strange sureness. Truly, this weapon is the stuff legends are made of.

Nevaenai Blessed

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