Warbrot Tiderbox

Archmage of The Gruddendolf Academy


The Archmage of The Gruddendolf Academy of Arcane Arts has long been a curious position – generally speaking it is held by people who do not want the job. This is certainly true of Warbrot Tinderbox.

If one were to open the door to his office they would find a mess of parchments and scrolls and other magical detritus litters the floors, tables and chairs. To say Tinderbox is not capable of organisation would be unfair – it is simply the curse of the position; there is always too much paperwork.

The problem is simply that Warbrot is too soft-hearted to say ‘no’. And so for the last few years he has become slowly overwhelmed by his new job. Before he took it on, he was a well liked arcane historian whose courses were some of the most popular in the academy. However jealous mages swiftly maneuvered to remove him from the syllabus and so he ended up Archmage.

Warbrot Tiderbox

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