Standora Threft

Proprietor of the 'Troll's Tooth' inn.


Nearly a decade ago, Standora acquired the dilapidated ’Troll’s Tooth’ inn. The purchase caused quite the stir within the community of Gelfar, not because the building held significance or import enough to justify such a reaction, but because of Standora’s fiendish heritige. Standora, as the inhabitants of the town were shocked to discover, is a tiefling. Such beings are rare on the coast, and Standora was the first to be seen in many years. Indeed, even the long memories of the elves struggled to think of any that had taken up long term residence in the town. She was initially met with hostility and, were it not for the swift intervention of Mayor Lucan, might have faced a mob armed with pitchforks and firebrands at her doors.

Fortunately (or, perhaps, wisely), the inn Standora had acquired was well known as an old adventurer haunt. Adventurer’s are, if nothing else, a pragmatic bunch, and Standora doubtless was not the strangest thing they had ever encountered. The inn turned a profit and word got around that, despite appearances, she wasn’t going to devour the souls of anyone’s children and she certainly wasn’t about to lure anyone’s husbands into her bed, corrupt them, and turn them into the slaves for some ancient and fiendish master. In fact, the word that got out was that that kind of behaviour was the kind of thing she just wouldn’t stand for. She ruled her bar with an iron fist, kept the adventurers in line and made sure they kept any troubles they might have with each other away from the town. It took many years, but her no-nonsense nature has allowed her a quiet, unspoken, respect from the townspeople. This is more than she asked for.

Many years after acquiring the Inn, her nephew Gedserth na Zdennt Sil turned up out of the blue. To say this was a shock for Standora is an understatement. She had to spend a whole month recovering from the surprise and to accept that she had been found by an unknown family member.

Standora was born into a nomadic community of the Red Canyon (Zdennt Sil) district of the Shecalde Desert far to the South East of her adopted home. She hated the life that she was born into and as soon as the opportunity arose, she made off never to return. Now her family, or at least one of them, had caught up with her.

She accepted that this was going to happen sooner or later and resignedly accepted Gedserth into her home. He was useful in seeing off trouble as he had aquired eldrich powers which he put to good use. She also was interested in how her family were and what fortune had befallen them.


A tall, elegant and slim tiefling in her middle years, Standora Threft has the look of someone who knows what mischief you’re planning to get up to and you’d better not think about trying it in here thank you very much!

She wears exotic, foreign, garments – strange, tight-fitting clothes and odd headscarfs. Her long black hair tends to curl around her arms like tentacles and her narrow black eyes seem on the constant watch for trouble. When she speaks, it is with a foreign accent that none have been able to place. Her gait is careful and commanding, she seems to be in possession of the very air around her.


A woman who delights in an argument, Standora can oft be found at her bar, arguing with some arrogant and brash adventurer. She delights in watching them squirm as she unravels their unlikely claims of heroism and daring-do. Nevertheless, she is equally keen to reward a truly courageous hero – most would agree that for Standora to display an item of your possessions in the inn is one of the greatest accomplishments a local hero could ask for.

She tolerates no trouble from those staying at her inn – either inside or out. Rumours of dark power possessed by her are enough to keep most adventurers at bay – although at times she has had to resort to hand-to-hand combat to subdue the more unruly customers. She is very adept at it – although she attributes this in most cases to how much the sod who crossed her had to drink.

Standora Threft

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