Loraerris Darksbane

Elven Enchantress from the Mage Academy in Thunaar


Willowy and shy, Loraerris Darksbane stands a head shorter than the average human woman. Her graceful elven ears are hidden under flowing black hair that is streaked with blue. Her soft blue eyes gaze from a face that looks too young for a practiced enchantress.


Loraerris Darksbane is the only daughter of Davendithas and Graceatis Darksbane, Baron and Baroness of Mistbranch, rulers of the elven town of Belath Revar.

Two of her brothers, the eldest Grandithas and the youngest Davkas, have taken to the church of Carriellana, whilst her brother Ricogen is pledged to an ancient fey lord of Mistbranch. Loraerris took to the classic arts of wizardry from a young age, always interested in the ebb and flow of magic. She had little interest in the forest and the ruling of Belath Revar. As the daughter of the family, she knew that she could either wait to be married off for political gain, or seek a path of her own.

Magic came quickly and easily for Loraerris, and soon she was ready to leave Belath Revar to hone her art. She left shortly after her father died, taking up with a group of adventurers resting in the town. The party, a dragonborn warlord, a human bard and a halfling paladin of Vostror accepted Loraerris into there group and she left the town and never looked back.

After 20 years of adventure, Loraerris settled in Thunaar, opening a mageware shop. When the academy asked her to join as a tutor, she gracefully accepted, leaving the shop in the hands of the human bard she once travelled with, now an grizzled old adventurer.

Loraerris has no idea her mother is dead, nor that her brothers are out in the world. She simply teaches enjoys her life.

Loraerris Darksbane

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