A mysterious pirate


An aging pirate, La’thorne can almost always be found in The Misty Island Tavern, where he sits in the corner, drinking his grog, counting his small pile of gold coins that he leaves on the table for all to see. A quiet man, he keeps himself to himself and, truth be told, most of the patrons seem a little frightened of him.

None ever dare to try to take any of his gold, after what happened to young Gibbin. Gibbin made the error of pocketing a single gold piece, distracting (or so he thought) La’thorne with a dazzling card-trick and flourish. Gibbin, pleased with himself, left the tavern to spend his shiny new coin on more carnal pleasures.

The next morning Gibbin’s body was found, moored to the docks, his gutted body bobbing up and down in the water, like a morbid rowing boat.

Others, however, find it very easy to fall into favour with La’thorne. He is willing to offer his services, whatever those might be, to any who offer to return his cutlass, should they come upon it. He says it is very distinctive and valuable to him. It bares a single bloodstain that no water can ever clean.


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