Kevaver Runehouse

High Thane of the dwarves of Isminak


For a dwarf, Kevaver is tall at 4’8" and broad with well defined muscles. He is an ageing dwarf approaching three centuries. His facial expressions are strong and harsh, a leader who has seen much, and has been hardened by the trials of ages.

He wears expensive ceremonial robes of rich purple silk over resplendent golden dragon scale armour and keeps his long grey bearded thickly platted while his hair flows free from beneath his mithril crown. When he speaks it with an air of deep authority, his words commanding attention from all around him.


Kevaver is a stong, determined leader, with a gruff and stern demeanour. He is a fair and just ruler, known for his patience and his willingness to listen to all sides of a conflict. Despite his fairness and willingness to listen he does not suffer fools lightly, and any who he finds trying to take advantage of his diplomatic nature will often find themselves severely punished.

Until fifty years ago Isminak had been closed due to the threat of The Evil Empire. In that time he proved himself to be a great diplomat, forging alliances with the earthbound races, and directing the artisans of the Thandeom in the production of weapons, armour and tools, preparing for the days that the Thanedom’s doors might open again.

Kevaver Runehouse

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