Short and stocky, Ithrik is a duegar with a new direction in life. With ash-gray skin and mis-coloured eyes, Ithrik was never a “true duegar” at heart. Now decked in the colours of a Jarnillan Priest, Ithrik is one of the more unusual sights in Gelfar.


If he looked deep enough into his heart, Ithrik would know the worship of Mammon was not something he fully accepted. Something nibbled at him, something that told him, “this isn’t right.” But he followed anyway, because that’s what a proper Duegar does.

Then Ithrik was sent to Gelfar. Originally sent to the town to work with Vikar, Ithrik was in the mansion guarding the room Jolin Tarsis was being tortured in. The offer of mercy from the assaulting party struck him both shocking and unexpected. Their holyman, Brother-Seeker Davkas Darksbane, took him to the temple of Jarnilla and Ithrik joined the church willingly.

Not even an apprentice, Ithrik has taken to the holy order well, and is showing interest in the casting and forging of holy runes.


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