Hibbrupt, the Little Goblin

The small goblin, once part of Blackhand's crew, lost in the Feywild.


Small, even for a goblin and carrying an almost palpable sense of pessimism, Hibbrupt is a pitiful creature.

Wearing clothes that are too big for him and a helmet made out of an old cooking pot covered in spikes, Hibbrupt just screams, “KICK ME!”

Not an Evil creature, per se, Hibbrupt actually has the potential to do great Good in the world, if only it’d let him.

He looks to people like the group and wants to emulate them, but knows he’s doomed to failure and that makes him dislike the people he wants to be.

At the moment, he doesn’t like the group, and in particular Davkas Darksbane. After all, would it really have hurt the elf to cure him, not the dwarf?


During a battle in the Feywild, the group were set upon by First Mate Krusk and half of Blackhand’s goblin crew. Hibbrupt was one of those goblins.

He was also the only one to survive the encounter.

See, Hibbrupt is not the strongest goblin; he is not the fasted, smartest, cleverest or prettiest goblin. Basically, Hibbrupt was the lowest of the goblin low. But he strived for so much more, yet his want outstretched his ability.

Hibbrupt was the runt of his tribe, always picked on, always shunned. He tried many was to grow in power. First, he tried to worship his gods, but they never answered his prayers. Indeed, it seemed they would often hinder the young goblin. Once, he tried to cause fear in enemies, but granted them a boost in power. The young, would-be acolyte fled.

Next, he tried thievery. But the little goblin was flatfooted and clumsy. After being nearly ripped in half by an orc, he gave up his life of crime.

His third attempt was to become a warlock. By pledging his soul to a powerful entity, surely he would grow in power. But Hibbrupt was so pathetic, no entity wanted his soul. Even the Eldritch Secret from the Far Realm said no.

Despondent, Hibbrupt fled his tribe and made his way in the world.

He found work in a tavern, cleaning up scraps. It wasn’t a reputable tavern, but it was warm, at least. One day, whilst clearing a table, Hibbrupt accidentally spilt a tray of ale all over one Captain Blackhand. The goblin pirate was ready to slay the runt, but stayed his hand. Instead, Hibbrupt was press ganged into joining Blackhand’s crew.

It was on his first journey, 100 feet out to sea that Hibbrupt discovered his propensity for sea-sickness.

Miserable, tired and wanting to die, Hibbrupt was dragged to the Feywild and forced to face the group to obtain the amulet of passage.

It was in this fateful battle that he first saw the elven ranger Davkas Darksbane. The elf flitted across the battlefield, moving like liquid.

Davkas moved with an easy grace that Hibbrupt had never had. Whilst staring at Davkas, the rogue Ronson McTabernacle attacked Hibbrupt, confusing him and causing him to attack Krusk. Hitting the minotaur in the rear end, Hibbrupt knew his time was up.

But it was Ronson that hit him in the back of the head, causing him to fall, dead.

See, it’s an error to say that little Hibbrupt was the only survivor of the battle, because he did indeed die. Except, after the group had left and the creatures of the Feywild had started to feast on the bodies, Hibbrupt sat up, alive and uninjured. He was still meek and pathetic and powerless, but he was alive.

He made his way to the shore to find that Blackhand had left without him. Dejected, he found some flotsam and paddled his way to the portal, hoping to get through.

Unfortunately, he was knocked off his makeshift raft and drowned.

After some time had passed, his corpse was washed up on the shore 10 miles south of Gelfar. Coughing the water out of his lungs, the little goblin stood up, wet, cold, miserable but once again, still alive.

Warily, the little goblin left the beach and sought shelter, not knowing why he couldn’t die. With a sigh, he warily resigned himself to the fact that he is so pathetic, unwanted and unloved that not even the afterlife could bare him.

He doesn’t exactly blame the group, specifically Davkas and Ronson, for his death, but the fact that they killed him does annoy him. He particularly thinks it was uncharitable of Davkas to use his healing prayers on a fallen comrade, rather than help him, and he just wants to explain his position and find out why his life is so… awful.

Hibbrupt, the Little Goblin

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