The great red dragon, feared by all along the coast.


Fuegalyr, the great red dragon, is a much feared beast that is famed for claiming the towns, forests and mountains north of the The Enchanted Mountains as his own territory. The people in the towns and cities of the area fear that at any moment, he will soar down from his hidden mountain lair; demanding a tribute in gold and livestock that cannot be met. Greedy and prideful, like all red dragons, Fuegalyr is unlikely to let a simple thing like the pitiful begging and whining of his subjects prevent him from leaving with a full stomach and more treasure for his hoard.

A monster with a cruel sense of humour, he is famed for chasing bands of adventurers that are foolish enough to wander into his lands, sometimes chasing them for days before finally setting upon the tired and weakened fools, searing their flesh and returning to his lair with their bodies and treasure. Sometimes he will follow them, never showing himself, instead singing or whistling sea shanties, knowing that his reputation will put fear into their hearts.

One trait peculiar to Fuegalyr is his intolerance for piracy (or at least, pirates unwilling to pay a significant tithe to him). For the hundreds of years he has terrorised the coast, he kept the pirates at bay, allowing free trade through through the sea-lanes except for a few select pirate vessels. For this reason, he has been somewhat tolerated by the various rulers the area has had over the years, the view taken that a few gold lost to the odd villager and a few peasant lives are worth the safety of the sea routes. The villages and towns Fuegalyr terrorises are unlikely to agree, however.

Many attempts have been made by various adventuring parties, over the years, to slay Fuegalyr but he has bested them all. He has often encouraged the enraged Mayors of towns forced to pay tribute to send such groups, viewing them as a way of feeding and growing his hoard.

However, for the last few years there has been no sign of Fuegalyr, although none who have ventured to his lair have returned. As a direct result, piracy is now a big problem along the coast, as the pirates have begun to realise the threat that was once hung over their heads has disappeared. Many local people are breathing a sigh of relief at this respite. However, many of the wiser elders wonder if he is just taking a long rest, or has gone to attend to business elsewhere. They fear that if he returns he will want to take tribute tenfold to make up for the wealth he has missed. Such an event could be devastating to the people of the coast.


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