Endethian, Lord of Calon'talay

An Eladrian, Endethian is the Lord of the Feywilde island of Calon'talay.


Lord Endethian, is a member of the Eladrin race and lives on the Feywilde island of Calon’talay.

From the outside, this domain looks as though it has been stopped in the middle of exploding apart. Once inside, the building looks perfectly intact.
The Lord’s residence is located behind a barrier of extremely tall and large trees, several days march into the centre of Caln’talay.

He seems to be extrmemly wealthy, displaying works of art on his walls, and furnishing his rooms with items of untold beauty and value. For instance, he owns a table made only from that rare and expensive metal, mithril.

We later discover that ‘Lord Endethien’ is actually an imposter. He is the avatar of the building that he lives in. He is later renamed ‘Theodonen’. We find out that the power that is the house is lonely as has been trying to imprison people to be its friend. The house is convinced that other less obnoxious ways can be found to attract people to it, without having to trap people there.


Endethian, Lord of Calon'talay

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