Delwyn Kallar

Brynn's daughter, Orlouge's friend


Delwyn is a thin, tall, graceful woman with dazzling green eyes that shimmer like sunlight on the ocean. Her hair is a flaxen blonde colour and she wears it in an intricate plait curled around the crown of her head.


Delwyn is the daughter of Brynn Kallar, his only child. Her mother disappeared when she was but two years old, and no one knows where she went. As a young girl, she would be a constant annoyance to Orlouge Aiguille, though secretly the mysterious necromancer harboured a deep brotherly affection for the girl. He watched over her as she grew into the fiesty girl, never telling her his suspicions that she had Eladrin blood in her veins.

When Orlouge disappeared three years ago, Delwyn kept pushing for her father to seek out her childhood friend. When he told her he couldn’t, Delwyn went herself to find Orlouge. Travelling to such places as Gelfar, Arrowmere and even distant Belath Revar, she could find no trace of Orlouge.

She picked up one or two tricks on the way and, maybe in a few years, Delwyn could make a fine adventurer herself.

When Orlouge returned to her, she was over-joyed. But when the necromancer left with Davkas, Salix and the others, Delwyn secretly followed…

Delwyn Kallar

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