Captain Brinemurk


For the last few decades, Captain Brinemurk has terrorised the coast, raiding shipping lanes aboard his vessel, The Wandering Cutlass. Until recently, he held the distinction of being one of the very few pirates permitted to operate on the coast by Fuegalyr, the great red dragon.

Known for his cruelty and lust for treasure, it is the greatest fear of many sailors to see the distinctive red and black sails of the ’Cutlass, as Brinemurk is not known for his compassion or mercy. However, for the last few years, fewer sights of the ’Cutlass have been reported. With the massive rise in other pirate vessels, it seems likely that Brinemurk has simply lost the utter freedom to raid shipping that he enjoyed before.

His current plans seem hinged on acquiring the legendary Amulet of Passage although for what purpose, as yet, none can say.

Further he has been known to be previously involved, in some way, with the dwarf Derrak Stoutbrew, owner of Derrak Imports and Adventuring Supplies. The exact details of this relationship are currently unknown.

Most frightening of all, however, is the revelation that Brinemurk is a Illithid. All rumours up until now had suggested the Captain was probably human, at least in appearance.

Captain Brinemurk

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