Brenna Tellan

High-Priestess of Vadomer


Brenna has been the High-Priestess of Vadomer at the Great Temple of the Prophet Aquiel in Gelfar as long as anyone can remember. Certainly most agree that she must have been in line for the role long before the end of the Empire of Turin some 50 years ago and many say she was the high-priestess long before that evil Empire even surged into the Coast.

An incredibly venerable woman, most say she must have some elf blood in her, being at least two-hundred years old. She simply attributes her incredible age to loyal service to the seas and to Vadomer.

Her congregation knows her for her stirring sermons on Vadomer’s holy days but most others know her for her sharp tongue and dry wit. She suffers no fool in her presence and has a terrible disdain for those of the adventuring profession.

Brenna Tellan

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