Voyages Beyond

Entry #19; Slaves in the Dark

30th Menn, 1393

Safely hidden in their boxes, the party found themselves being packed for travel. A woman named Syrah would be their courier. She had a brief conversation with the tiefling known as Vikair, who she didn’t seem too keen on.

Vikair: “Be careful, Syrah; remember, those adventurers killed the dolts your employers sent after them”
Syrah: “I’ll be long gone. They don’t know where I’m going, do they? So it’s fine. At least this shipment got here. You’ve lost too many”
Vikair: “You will watch your tone with me, mortal. Stoutbrew’s influence and power is undoubted. The competency of those in his employ, however, is questionable. I will deal with it”
Syrah: “Your problem, not mine. I just do as I’m told”
Vikair: “I’m glad we have an understanding. Now, get out of here! It will be dawn soon!”

The journey was unpleasent and cramped. However, being of stout and heroic constitution the party made the journey with little ill effect, save for Salix who struggled with the lack of sunlight.

Resourceful Davkas viewed the journey through a drilled hole and discovered that they headed underground. After a relatively short journey across water, they arrived at their destination. Which, as it turned out, was a duergar keep. The duergar guards were not expecting living adventurers in the crates and, despite devious traps, were overcome. In the process, a pair of slaves were rescued. The first was an old acquaintance of Davkas’s, a spy for the Duke of Arromere, named Garret. The second was a wizard’s apprentice named Orlouge who had recently fallen out of favour with the lord of the duergar keep, Trundar.

Together the group began to evaluate the situation and resolved to kill Trundar – as he was clearly the one ordering these undead (although for what purpose?). As they began to work their way through the dungeon, they rescued many more slaves. Which was good, as they suddenly found themselves attacked by behemoths. The fight was short, but brutal and many slaves lay dead.



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