Voyages Beyond

Entry #20; It's not over until the fat Duergar screams

4th Jorn, 1393

It’s not over until the fat Duergar screams

With the behemoths, and many of our rescued slaves, now slain we must turn our attentions to how to enter and explore this keep. With the help of our new friend Orlouge we know who we are hunting, and a rough idea of where he is.

Our first challenge comes behind the wooden doors at the end of this chamber, behind which Roson informs us that he can hear duergar voices, though I am unable to hear and translate them myself.

Opening the door, Ronson tries to convince them that he is a servant and needs assistance, but unfortunately they are not convinced, and my limited knowledge of duegar customs means I am unable to help either. Davkas, showing none of the fabled elven patience fires through the door, forcing a fight.

The enemy are at the top of a smooth slope, with a deep trench at the bottom, some sort of trap but the details of which will have to wait until after they are slain.

The trap was some sort of water trap, designed to force people into the deep pit, though with sure footing we were able to traverse the slope and defeat the duegar. I am not sure how, but each embodies some sort of magic allowing them to quadruple in size when they are badly wounded, a feat that made them even more satisfying to topple. Davkas finds some new armour on one of the fallen duegar, which Salix is able to resize while Gedserth listens at the metal door, and I look to Orlouge for information.

It is likely that beyond the door we will find many undead around Trundar, the duegar leader. His chambers are high on the third floor, and will likely be heavily guarded; Orlouge believes that he has been planning something. Behind the metal door is a lift that will transport us into the centre of the forge, and with crude maps a plan is formed. As I disguise myself as a duegar the others, bar Orlouge, will be disguised as undead, the plan is to fabricate a ruse that they are to be taken to Trundar.

As we formulate our plan Ser Jalarin contacts Davkas, he has a retinue of knights inside the underdark nearby who will aid us in our escape once we are outside of the fortress. Though he believes our plan to be foolish he thinks it may work. Inside the lift, we ring the proper dwarven dong, and the lift begins to rise.

At the top two skeletons block our path, but Orlouge is able to pass me the information to allow our passage, and we progress pass the furnaces towards the metal doors with ornate images of dwarves working carved into them. As we progress we are challenged by a smith, obviously unused to seeing a Theurge so deep within the fortress. He is swiftly delt with by Orlouge, who has become a very worthy addition to our group already. The doors before us now are big and heavily built, but very light to open, and we proceed past three duegar polishing armour in the armoury as punishment.

Heading upstairs we enter the temple of Mammon and, as we go to leave, I am accosted and given the holy symbol of a High Theurge before we make our way up the final stairs. We are confronted by ceremonial guard in heavy armour and an argument ensues, and it looks as if a fight will ensure when, thankfully, Trundar bursts from his room and Orlogue convinces him to take us all inside.

Three scantily clad women, likely glamoured, occupy the room with Trundar, the fattest and ugliest duegar I have ever met. Challenging us as to why we are there I inform him that we are going to kill him, as Ronson locks the door, and our battle ensues.

The fight was hard and brutal, with the bloated duegar dominating my mind no less than four times. Fighting well as a team we are able to take Trundar down, and I am afforded the satisfaction of dealing him the fatal blow. Now all that remains is to find the information we came here for, and to escape.

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.



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