Voyages Beyond

Entry #26: Wait... what?

Things seemed to go well, they really did. The Duegar (through a magic-mouth like ritual) communicated with us and we bartered them down to three terms:

1) Jolin Tarsis would be released.
2) The eldest duegar would be magically indentured to Orlouge.
3) The youngest would be taken the the temple of Jorella and enter her priesthood.

Jolin was released and I bound his wounds, so that went well.

Ruskael and Salix looted Vikar’s mansion, Ronson went to acquire a boat for us to get to Vikair’s pleasure boat, I would take the young dwarf to the priests and Orlouge would go to the Mage College and bind the elder dwarf.

And, as far as I know, things went quite well. Ronson met with a colleague and I’m sure the latest haberdashery news was exchanged, and I took the young dwarf to the temple. His name is Ithrik and seems quite willing to take the role of priest. I took him through the roles and chants of the evening, as the Vicar-Merchant of Jorella wasn’t avaliable.

And as for Orlouge, well, I can only consider that a success as I’ve not had a chance to speak to him.

I’m sure nothing bad happened. I’m sure nothing went wrong, like, say, Orlouge finds a bunch of drunk mage-students practicing, with mind-bending spells cast on a few nubile bar wenches. I’m certain he never pretended to be a professor and ordered them to permenantly bind the old dwarf to him completely forever. I’m 100% certain that a fight never broke out, the dwarf escaped, Orlouge followed, ordered the students to steal the reception desk and took flight through the streets of Gelfar to capture the duegar. I mean, that’s ridiculous, isn’t it?



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