Voyages Beyond

Entry # 24 Trial by Spirit

Riding for the shifter holy ground will likely be easy until we enter the Hammercrag Fell, and the frozen wasteland that it has become. It has been many years since I last visited any part of the Fell, and I must confess that I am glad the Goliath is no longer with us for this trip.

We ride in reasonably close formation, flanked on all sides by the shifters and the human members of their clan. While the majority of the party appear to be resorting to warmer clothes it appears our two Tieflings are entering into some prolonged courtship ritual, the less observed the better I feel.

As we ride Syfra imparts information to us that Vycar might be a devil in disguise, a worrying thought but one that we cannot verify at the moment. I am also getting more and more agitated, I believe that we are wasting too much time, that we should strike the shifters now and head for Gelfar.

Kraut, the ever lovable brain in a jar, imparts a message from Davkas to ’don’t kill anyone’, the elf knows me all to well.

We make camp in the frozen wastes, and many of us sit around the fire. Davkas attempts to speak with the leader of the shifters, or at least the woman who I assume to be the leader, but she is called away by others of her kin. Salix sneaks off into the night and Gedserth and Syfra have an…unsatisfying encounter in his tent.

As the night goes on I sit by the fire, formulating a plan to slay the shifter leaders and break for freedom. As morning comes I find that my cloak had been pinned to the ground by Davkas, he obviously does not trust me to keep to my word.

We begin riding again and reach the sacred land of Winterfang Rock towards the end of the afternoon, met by even more shifters on more sabertooths.

We are informed that the trail will take place at sunrise, meanwhile their leader Skargash takes Benthria aside to talk to her . Thanks to Salix’s sharp hearing we learn that Skargash would have had us killed before reaching here, the shifter obviously has no honour, I will enjoy killing him when given the chance.

Each of us must answer to the charges levelled against us of raising the undead, though Gedserth seams intent on speaking for us all. He and Salix are both able to convince the spirits of their innocence, while the rest of us are not so successful.

Skargash is then called by Salix to show the evidence against us. First he shows an image of Orlouge raising animals when he was in training, followed by one of Orlouge speaking with the Duegar King. He then shows Orlouge being sold and images of Gedserth speaking to Vycar.

We become convinced that Skargash is hiding something, and I present to the spirits the ledger, that will hopefully prove our innocence. We then question Skargash on where he got this information, and on several other matters.

The spirits have found Skargash guilty of collaborating with the frost titans, and have cast him out and named him Riven. He leaves without incident, and we are given the right to his belt, a jar and a coin purse. The belt is a Baldric of Time and the jar is bottled smoke. Davkas and I both pledge the aid of our people if the shifters find themselves at war with the Titans.

With the aid of the spirits we are…spirited…back to Gelfar, where we head immediately to Trilda, to make sure that she is safe. We present her with the evidence and a convincing argument, though she is still open to the possibility that the ledger may have been forged, or that Derrak was tricked.

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.



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