Voyages Beyond

Entry # 21 ESCAPE!

4th Jorn, 1393

The fat duegar is dead. Deader than dead and… oozing. We break into his vault and, well, I’m not going to sugar coat it, we looted the place. Ruskael got a nice new axe, Orlouge some shoes and the rest of us some money.

Afterwards, we searched Trundar’s room. And found a switch and a secret door. The guards outside got a little excited, calling asking if Trundar needed any help. A combination of Ruskael translating and Gedserth bluffing, they shut up.

Things were going well, until the siege. Turns out, Galwen was Garret’s brother, and he’s come to rescue him. Which would be great, if Garrett had not been killed by Trundar. Kandor tells me that we need to get out of the keep and head for safety. I agree and put my magic candle away.

Orlouge mentions a mirror in the vault, something magical. He can’t get it to work, which is probably for the best. It’s figured out that the secret door is connected to the switch. We throw it and the door to the room seals, whilst the secret door opens, revealing a female Tiefling. She says her name is Syfrah and that she used to work for Trundar and can lead us to safety.

It’s soon agreed that she should help, and before we leave I take a rubbing of the mirror, then smash it. We head down the long stairs. The long, long stairs…

At the base of the keep, we see the docks. Kandor mentioned a river we can take that comes out south of Arrowmere, on the coast. We head for the nearest ship, which doesn’t seem to have that many people near it. Ruskael bellows a threat and we attack. It goes well, for about a minute, then more duegar attack from the ship. There’s magic, arrows, blades, insults, curses, beard-hair and poison thrown around, but eventually we are victorious.

We steal the boat and head out to the underground river. However, we’re not sailors, so it’s difficult. We plough on, however and through a combination of skill and luck, we head to the river. As we sail, I have Ronson bind Syfrah to the mast and question her. After a discussion, she is released into Gedserth’s custody, something she seems to enjoy.

Orlouge mentions that his master who sold him into slavery lives near the coast and asks if we can make a quick stop.

I don’t see why not…



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