Voyages Beyond

Death of a dishonourable Dwarf

The battle with Vikair is tough and brutal with Salix, Gedserth and myself all falling amidst the battle, coming close to death. With the aid of the city guard however we are able to beat the ghoul impersonating Vikair down. He confesses to us that he is in bondage to something else, that he desires us to release him from his torment, a task that Ronson is more than willing to perform with his sword.

The ballroom is a mess but there is still much to do, Derrak Stoutbrew is upstairs and we still have not located the prat Tarsis. We pad up the stairs where Stoutbrew had ran, listening at the door to his room.

It appears my fears were true, Derrak is in league with Vikair and it appears both are under to command of Captain Brinemurk, the same man who Captain Blackhand had failed. Looking through the keyhole Davkas describes the creature that Stoutbrew speaks to,

He describes a creature with long purple tentacles from his face, something monstrous and despicable that could be Brinemurk, though all records state that the pirate is human. Unable to control my anger I charge through the door, splintering it and moving to stand beside Stoutbrew, ready to beat him down.

Even disarmed Stoutbrew is a dangerous foe, and a worshipper of Mamon. As we beat him down he attempts to sacrifice his soul to the demon, Gedserth stopping him with his impossing presence. Bound we turn to question him using one of Gedserth’s innate abilities.

We ask him where Captain Brinemurk is, but the disgraced curr does not know. However, he is aware that Tarsis is in the basement, most likely being tortured. The real Vikair is on a boat not far from Gelfar, and wherever the devil goes the cult of Mamon is active.

For our final question we ask him if he knows of Vikair’s plans, and it turns out that Vikair plans to spread the cult and replace the prominent people of the towns with ghouls, much like he has done here. As we finish questioning him Brinemurk kills Stoutbrew, any chance of a proper dwarven trial gone.

I explain her uncle’s death to Trilda, glossing over his dishonour and shame as Davkas and Orlouge head to the basement where they find Taris being tortured by a Duegar. Heading out of there they return to the ballroom, and we prepare for another fight.

Ruskeal Ironshield, son of the Mountain.



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