Voyages Beyond

Entry # 22 An Abandoned Dwelling

Sailing towards the light on the dark Underdark river, a darker elongated shape starts to investigate the ship. It whirls around the hull in an anti-clockwise direction and in doing so, starts to force the river-water to whirl with it. Davkas notices something going on in the mirky depths. He shouts a warning. Salix takes a quick look at the danger and immediately runs for the door to the lower decks. The others, alerted by the cry of alarm, now see what looks like a giant eel in the water and they notice that the ship is starting to rotate with the whirlpool the creature is creating. The eel starts to jump across the ship, attempting to knock people off their feet and injure them. We all start to attack the eel once its intentions are realised. Arrows and bolts of eldrich and magical energies start to fly through the air at the creature.
Suddenly, a loud sound is heard from the bowels of the ship. Salix has struck the gong that was placed there. The sound seems to have an effect on the eel as it holds back from attacking temporarily. Salix returns to the deck and we continue to attack the slippery beast.
The eel resumes its attempts at dragging the ship under by maintaining the force of the whirlpool. The ship is almost uncontrollable, but Salix seems to be gifted at sail craft. He manages to straighten the craft by centering the ship’s wheel, countering the whirlpool effect. We continue to pour damaging effects into the evil creature but several of us are knocked to the deck and injured as it jumps across the deck. The eel’s slime makes things more difficult for those attacked.
Orlouge disappears into the doorway to the decks and several moments later, another crsh of the gong is heard. The eel again is affected. Orlouge continues to strike the gong. This has the desired effect as the eel is driven off from the fight. We all breath a sigh of relief as we watch it disappear into the blackness of the Underdark waters.
We spend the next day or so, recovering from our exertions and directing the ship out of the Underdark and towards the sun. Once out of the dark realm, we sail towards land where we arrrive near a village called Alona. We anchor the ship in a bay and using the ship’s boat, make our way to the beach. There we meet Brynn Kallar who is the village’s Headman. It seems that Orlouge knows Headman Kallar and has been to Alona before. After the introductions have taken place, Davkas and Orlouge make their way to the village on the hunt for the house that Vedalor lived in. Velador is the wizard who helped Orlouge learn magical skills. They find it. It looks as though it has been abandoned. The gardens are overgrown, and the house is all locked up. There is no sign of life there.
Salix also goes to the village to stock up on alchemical items, leaving Gedserth with Syfra (who seems to have taken quite a liking to Gedserth) fishing on the beach. After collecting his items, Salix makes his way back to the beach and calls Gedserth to accompany him to the wizard’s residence. Leaving Syfra on the beach sunning herself, Gedserth joins his companion.
Back in the village, Davkas and Orlouge finally get into the abandoned house using teleportation skills. Orlouge went to his old room and found some of his property which he duly collected. Davkas, searching around the main living area of the house found a trap-door in the floor. He and Orlouge are investigating the door when Salix and Gedserth arrive.
Together, the group open the trap-door after Orlouge thinks he hears what he calls a ‘Jelly’ or ‘Pudding’. Gedserth thinks it’s dripping water. Leading down are a set of steep stairs leading to a celler in the shape of a cross. A closed door is present at the end of each limb of the cross.
Immediately, Orlouge leads the group to the Library. There, books are stacked up on shelves, but it is obviouse that some books are missing. After an investigation, Orlouge thinks that the missing books are on subjects related to the heavens and the Astral Sea.
We then go to the Study. On opening the door, we see a device causing a buzzing sound. After a quick investigation, it seems the device is some sort of magical barrier which cannot be breached. There must be some way of turning that off.
We then investigate the Laboratory. When the door is opened, we see two orange amorphouse blobs of a jelly-like substance. On the table is a jar with what looks like a human brain floating in the contents. We all hear a voice in our heads “Thank you! I am free! I will ride my Jellies to freedom!”
Orlouge recognizes the voice and the brain. “That’s Krout” he states. “I forgot about him”. At that point, the Jellies make a move and it’s not friendly. A fight ensues where the companions get the better of the wobbly blobs. The Ochre Jellies, for that is what they are, are disposed of in the traditional manner.
Once the fight is over, Krout is in the group’s power and the Laboratory is searched.



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