Voyages Beyond

A Face Revealed

We return to the Troll Tooth’s Inn and Aunt Standorafor a well earned rest. Syfra is introduced to Standora who takes her under her wing and away from our vicinity. They start nattering like only two Tiefling women can. While partaking of a beer or two and some pie and chips, Davkas and Ronsen disappear from the group, to a quiet and secluded area of the Inn.

We later learn that Ronson made the acquaintance of a shifty character and started talkng ‘hats’ with him. The conversation got round to ‘Devil Hats’ which are worth 100gp according to the rogue. Ronson bargains him down to 80gp for information on the ‘Devil Hat’.

Part-way through the evening, Orlouge disappears, to be replaced a few moments later by a woman we met in the town of Delwyn. This woman wafts pass and out of the Inn’s door. A short while later, Orlouge reappears amongst us. I’m baffled. Wizards and their ways!

A couple of hours later, Ronson moves off to the secluded corner of the Inn again. Seems that the ‘Hat’ man is back. He informs Ronson of the whereabouts of the ‘Devil Hat’ he is looking for.

Ronson updates up: Apparently, Vikair (for that is who the ‘Devil Hat’ is referring to) is attending a celebratory party in town. Various local dignitaries will be attending.

After a quick chat, we decide to gate-crash the party, but Davkas nips off to the Temple of Vadomer (the Goddess of seas, rivers and puddles) to acquire some Holy Water; bad new for Devils that stuff is.

We hatch a plan and infiltrate the gardens surrounding the establishment where the party is being held. Ronson and Trilda (they make a lovely couple) manage to gain entrance and start to mingle with the guests while the rest of us wait outside for the sign to move in.

At the pre-arranged signal, Ronson throws the Holy Water onto Vikair. This will force the creature to reveal its Devil nature, but as luck would have it, Ronson throws like a girl and totally misses! In the mean-time, the rest of us are teleporting in, using the power of the ‘Amulet of Passage’.
“You have all fallen into my trap!” laughs Vikair and as he does so, his face melts into the form of an Undead creature. Davkas, being the quick-whitted sort, shouts out a warning ‘The guests are Ghouls! They are Ghouls!’

There ensues an exciting fight. We dispose of the guest Ghouls but Vikair is a tougher opponent………(to be continued)



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